What is UPRO?

This course has been designed in order to improve the international-level managers, companies and brands. If you dream of being with other international brands, if you feel the need to communicate and negotiate in the international arena, Upro (English language course for first-level managers and international business owners) is for you. This course enables you to improve your communication, bargaining and negotiation power, design your success stories in English, and be able to better present yourself in non-Iranian markets, foreign exhibitions and foreign arenas. With this course, make the weakness of others your strength. Get the skill to discover and attract opportunities and become a Pro (leader) in your field.

Uprodemy For Managers

Uprodemy is specially designed for leaders or managers who intend to shine in domestic and international arenas and surpass their peers.

Uprodemy For Brands

Uprodemy is special for brands that aim to compete with domestic and foreign brands with international standards. Have the most prominent and meaningful presentation in the international language, i.e., English.

Uprodemy English Management and Business

Uprodemy is the English language of management and business. A manager or businessman who has set foot on the path of globalization or has a medium-term or long-term goal of globalization must know correctly that the English language of management and business is more necessary for him than bread.

Why Uprodemy?

Uprodemy، دوره اختصاصی مهارت‌های بین‌المللی تجارت و مدیریت

 Uprodemy has always been a leader in innovation and creativity and has offered the first and most modern educational methods. One of the most modern of these courses is the Upro course. This course, which has been offered exclusively for high-level managers (Fortune 500), is now available to Iranian managers. In one sentence, this course is special for managers, businessmen, brands and businesses who aim to shine in the international and commercial arenas with long horizons. There is no doubt that we are witnessing the increasing progress of technology and communication skills, but it seems that there has not been a significant progress in teaching and learning methods. On the contrary, what we see in UPRODEMY has always been innovation, facilitating learning and speeding it up.
Despite all these educational features and indicators that you will get to know during the training and there is no place to mention them in this article, Uprodemy, in line with the respect of serving you and creating the value that it places on itself, has a money-back guarantee in has considered
In this way, in case of your dissatisfaction, this group will return 100% of the payment without asking one question, in line with the full respect for the rights of customers as one of its fundamental values.

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Where is Uprodemy your assistant and partner?

Frequently asked questions of the Upro course

At first, you will be contacted and consulted. Then articles about the course will be sent to you so that you can get more familiar with this course and raise questions if you have any questions. Next, a link will be sent to you, that you can register your information and the zeroth session (free session) will be considered for you, and the relevant lecturer will establish an online connection and part of the educational material will be taught. During this process, you get to know the course and teaching method completely and get answers to your questions.

The discount codes are the result of your points, which are given during the educational challenges on the site and also by the educational supervisor. You will earn points by showing your motivation and enthusiasm, and you will use these points for various discounts, including course discounts, providing educational resources, discounts on foreign educational tours, etc.

  • You will master your international business etiquette.
  • You will learn professional ways of communication and business in an international environment.
  • You will learn about international negotiation methods and you can apply them in your business.
  • Your bargaining power increases in international situations.
  • Opportunities for foreign trade and relations will be created for you.
  • You will have higher maneuverability and self-confidence.
  • If you are a successful manager, if you own a leading business and brand and you do not have enough English knowledge, this shows that you need to learn international business and management skills.
  • A successful manager with long-term plans and growth strategy should not waste opportunities because of something like this.

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Until today, the behavior and habits of more than a hundred thousand successful managers in the world have been studied and their common skills have been proven!

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