The Science of Selling علم فروش

The Science of Selling

The science of selling helps us understand what is going on in the mind of the customer and how to improve the performance of our

Network Marketing بازاریابی شبکه ای

Network Marketing

Network Marketing Network marketing is a type of sales strategy in which products are sold to customers without intermediaries and even without advertising. In this

Methods of Increasing Sales روش های افزایش فروش

Methods of Increasing Sales

There are many methods of increasing sales for business owners. In fact, even if our customers are satisfied and the sales department is doing well,

Political Marketing بازاریابی سیاسی

Political Marketing

Political Marketing Political marketing plays a very decisive role in the democratic atmosphere of societies. In societies where elections are a necessary and selective path,

Business Consulting مشاوره ی بیزینس

Business Consulting

Business Consulting Business consulting is a specialty that informs clients and customers at the beginning of their journey towards a business. In fact, by clarifying

Necessity of a Business Consultant ضرورت مشاور بیزینس

Necessity of Business Consultant

Necessity of Business Consultant Necessity of business consultant can be felt to start a business and step into a challenging path. The business process and

Sales and Marketing Training آموزش فروش و بازاریابی

Sales and Marketing Training

Sales and marketing training is very important and essential for leaders and sales representatives of an organization or a start-up business. A good sales process

Electronic Customs گمرک الکترونیک

Electronic Customs

Electronic Customs Electronic customs can be considered as performing and controlling all activities related to customs, such as issuing documents, clearance of goods, registration of

Types of Business Consultations انواع مشاوره های بیزینسی

Types of Business Consultations

Types of Business Consultations Types of business consultations are different according to the field in which they provide consulting services. In general, in every business

مدیریت برند

Brand Management

Brand Management Brand management has a significant impact on the successful completion of the branding process in the field of business. Until we can do

Effect Emotional Intelligence Sales

Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Sales

Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Sales Effect of emotional intelligence on sales can be discussed from different dimensions. Emotional intelligence consists of 5 important factors,

Strategic Management مدیریت استراتژیک

Strategic Management

Strategic Management Strategic management is an analysis process related to important issues within the organization. Carrying out this analysis process is within the scope of

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