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The Process of Recruitment Human Resources and How It Is?

Recruitment human resources is very important as one of the important factors in the growth and development of organizations and companies. These resources consist of people with ability, experience and high performance that are essential to achieve organizational goals and strategies. Without these resources, organizations cannot continue to improve and develop to succeed in the competitive market for their services and products.

Considering the importance of attracting and maintaining human resources, managers should use methods to attract and retain people with high ability and talent. In this regard, methods such as recruitment through social networks, holding ability tests, providing appropriate salaries and benefits, as well as professional development and improving the level of knowledge and skills of people are available.

In this article, the concept of attracting human resources, its importance in organizational success, the methods of attracting and maintaining human resources and the challenges of attracting and maintaining them will be discussed. Also, to read more articles about business organization, you can refer to the articles page.

What is Recruitment of Human Resources?

Recruiting human resources means recruiting and hiring people with the qualifications and abilities needed to perform the tasks and activities of the company. In general, recruitment of human resources includes job advertisement, interview and selection of candidates, presentation of job offer, acceptance and recruitment process and finally entering the organization.
The main goal of recruiting human resources is to hire people with the required qualifications and abilities, which improves the quality and efficiency of the company. In order to attract human resources, companies must implement effective human resources recruitment and retention programs so that they can attract talented human resources with the abilities they need and, as a result, achieve their career growth and development.

Process of Recruitment Human Resources فرآیند جذب نیروی انسانی
Recruitment Human Resources

How to Attract Good Human Resources?

Attracting good and capable human resources is one of the important challenges of managers. To attract these resources, there are different methods, the best methods can be described as follows:

Correct and Accurate Definition of Job Profile

In defining the job profile, it should be noted who is the best person for a job; Therefore, it is necessary to identify the task requirements as well as the individual characteristics that can be suitable for optimal task performance.

Use of Social Networks

These days, social media is the best place to look for talented people. Therefore, posting job ads on social networks, showcasing your organization’s capabilities, and interacting with users is the best way to attract good human resources.

Offering Attractive Salaries and Benefits

In order to attract highly capable human resources, attractive salaries and benefits must be offered. These benefits can include insurance, more vacations, specialized training, and promotion.

Holding Ability Tests

Conducting ability tests, provided that they are conducted properly and correctly, can help to attract highly capable people to our company.

Providing a Suitable Work Environment

A suitable and friendly work environment can attract highly capable people.

Use of Specialized Networks

Connecting with specialized networks related to our industry and searching for people with ability and experience in these networks can help us attract high-quality human resources.

Providing Opportunities for Growth and Development

Providing training, growth and development opportunities can help us attract high caliber human resources as these opportunities give people confidence and career growth.

Attention to Individual Differences

To attract high-quality human resources, you must pay attention to individual differences. For example, to attract people with high experience, you can use higher salary as payment provided that you offer good salary and working conditions.

Using New Methods of Recruitment

According to the growing trend of technology, the use of new recruitment methods can help us in attracting highly capable human resources. These methods can include the use of chat bots, artificial intelligence, data analysis, etc.

Using Human Resource Management Software

The use of human resource management software can help us attract highly capable human resources, because this software helps us to find jobs, select and hire more effectively and efficiently.

The challenges of Recruiting Human Resources in Today’s World

Recruiting human resources in today’s world brings challenges that must be faced. Some of these challenges are:

Intense Competition in the Labor Market: The labor market is changing and the competition between different companies has increased in attracting highly experienced and capable human resources.

Lack of Labor Force with Required Expertise

In many industries and areas, special and rare expertise is needed, which is lacking in the labor market.

Change of Work Style

Due to the advancement of technology and the change of work style, people with different abilities are needed and attention should be paid to these changes in attracting them.

Improper Planning of Human Resource Recruitment

Improper planning of human resource recruitment can cause failure to attract human resources with high ability and increase costs for the company.

Lack of Flexibility in Working Conditions

High-ability people do not adapt their working conditions to conditions that do not suit their abilities and may refuse to be attracted by the company.

Using Old Methods of Recruiting Human Resources

Using old methods in recruiting human resources may lead to a reduction in the recruitment of highly capable human resources, because these methods cannot keep up with the changes in the labor market.

How to Hire Human Resources?

The process of recruiting human resources should be such that the company can attract people with high ability and according to the needs of the company. For this purpose, you can pay attention to the following steps:

Determining the Needs of the Company: In this step, the needs of the company in relation to human resources should be identified. This includes required expertise, education level, work experience, organizational culture and other characteristics required for the desired position.

Determining the Recruitment Budget: To recruit human resources, the budget required for recruiting human resources must be calculated. This budget includes advertising costs, interview costs, training costs and other costs related to recruiting human resources.

Recruitment of Candidates: After determining the needs of the company and the recruitment budget, the candidate recruitment phase begins. This stage includes advertising and attracting candidates through social networks, the company website and other related channels.

Initial Review: At this stage, it is determined whether the candidates are compatible with the requirements of the company or not. This stage includes the examination of educational qualifications, work experience and other important characteristics of the candidates.

Interview: At this stage, the candidates are interviewed so that they can check the abilities, knowledge, work experience and other important characteristics of the candidates and make the best choice for the desired position.

Final Steps: In this step, after the interview, the final steps should be done. This includes reviewing references and new employee on boarding procedures. Also, the employment contract should be signed and all the steps related to the development and training of the new employee should be done.

In general, the recruitment process of human resources should be done according to the needs of the company and according to professional standards in order to attract the best human resources. Also, this process should be such that the time and cost of the company to attract human resources are saved.

Why is the HR Program Important?

The human resource recruitment program is very important because of having specific goals and strategies for recruiting and hiring human resources. Below are some of these importance:

Improving the Efficiency and Quality of Work: By recruiting human resources with experience and skills, the efficiency and quality of work in the company will improve.

Growth and Development of the Company: Recruiting the right human resources can cause the growth and development of the company in the long term, and by increasing the number of employees and improving their skills, it helps the development of the business.

Reducing Recruitment Costs: By having a human resource recruitment program that fits the needs of the company, it is possible to reduce recruitment and training costs and help to use the company’s resources optimally.

Improving the Company’s Internal Communication: By recruiting human resources with strong communication skills, it is possible to improve the company’s internal communication and enjoy more coordination.

Increasing Employee Satisfaction: By implementing a successful human resource recruitment program, employee satisfaction can be increased and by improving the work environment, it can help reduce the rate of unprofessional employee behavior.

Competitiveness of the Labor Market: By attracting human resources with experience and skills, the company can be competitive against its competitors in the labor market.

Process of Recruitment Human Resources فرآیند جذب نیروی انسانی
Attract Human Resources

Tips for Attracting and Retaining Talented Staff

In order to attract and retain talented human resources in the company, you can pay attention to the following points:

Identifying and Attracting Human Resources with the Necessary Skills and Experiences

In order to attract talented human resources, it is necessary to identify the skills and experiences necessary to perform the desired work in the company. Also, by attracting people with these skills, the company can take advantage of the talent available in the labor market.

Provide Suitable Working Conditions

Providing suitable working conditions is considered as one of the important factors in keeping talented human resources in the company. Conditions such as salary and benefits, suitable working environment, training and career development opportunities, work-life balance, leave and vacation and other benefits can act as an attraction for talented forces in the company.

Creating a Creative Work Environment and Supporting Innovation

Creating a creative work environment and supporting innovation can be considered as another attractive factor for talented workers. Therefore, encouraging new proposals and new ideas, creating a space for sharing experiences and knowledge, and providing training and career development opportunities can help retain talented employees in the company.

Encouraging Teamwork

Encouraging cooperation and teamwork can act as a factor to attract and retain talented employees in the company. By encouraging collaboration, talented forces can experience improvement of work processes and improvement of company performance by collaborating and exchanging ideas with others.

Successful Performance Management

To retain talented employees, it is very important to successfully manage their performance in the company. Regular and continuous performance evaluation programs, positive and constructive feedback to employees, encouraging growth and advancement in the job and providing career and educational development opportunities can act as important factors in retaining talented human resources in the company.

Encouraging Acceptance of Differences

Encouraging the acceptance of differences and diversity in the company can be considered as another attractive factor for talented employees. Creating a space for respecting differences, accepting individual and cultural differences and managing diversity can act as important factors in attracting and retaining talented employees in the company.

Provide Appropriate Pay and Benefits

Adequate pay and benefits are another important factor in attracting and retaining talented employees in the company. In order to attract talented employees, they must be paid the right salaries and wages. Also, insurance and other benefits such as a suitable work platform and providing opportunities for career and educational advancement should be provided.

Creating Space for Growth and Development

You may know that creating space for growth and development in the company can act as another important factor in keeping talented human resources in the company. Creating opportunities for career development and training, and providing support to talented employees, can encourage them to take on new challenges and career growth. Also, to inspire them with a strong sense of satisfaction and connection with the company.

Up to Sum

In today’s world, attracting and maintaining talented human resources and growing business is one of the main challenges for companies. In order to attract talented human resources, companies must design programs that, in addition to attracting talented human resources, maintain these forces and encourage career and personal growth and development.
The program for attracting talented human resources should include things such as determining the needs of the company in the field of human resources, appropriate advertising for attracting talented employees, training and development programs, creating an environment for growth and development, and providing appropriate pay and benefits. According to these tips and applying programs according to the needs of the company, people can attract and maintain talented human resources and grow and develop their careers. Stay with the specialists of Uprodemy website to get business advice and international trade.


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