Safe Investment سرمایه گذاری امن

Safe Investment

Safe Investment

Safe investment means buying equipment or assets with the hope of profit in the future, which has a special place in economics. After analyzing and examining the economic situation, the investor buys savings or borrows property so that after a period of time, the principal amount of the capital will be returned along with the profit from it. Some investments have high risk and some have less risk. The investor must consider many factors in order to create a safe risk and face less problems and make a profitable but low-risk investment.

Types of Investment Markets

Gold and Coins

Exchange and OTC



Investing in Bank

Financial Market Suitable for Investment

In the current situation of the country, where the coin and currency market are accompanied by extreme fluctuations and changes, investing in these two is very risky and is not recommended.
In the same way, the housing market is facing a decrease due to the low growth of construction and due to the sharp increase in housing prices.
Investing in this area is very risky. In fact, investing in coin, currency and real estate markets is unproductive. If investors enter the stock market with awareness and knowledge, they will experience productive investment.

Golden Tips of Safe Investment

As it has been said, for safe and low-risk investment, one should proceed with awareness and knowledge. There are a series of tips that will help you invest a lot.
1. Investment is always associated with risk. So, we have to wait for every incident and loss.
2. Investment is a long-term process and its results will be determined in the future.
3. For investment, it is not necessary for the investor to have special expertise, but he/she must be familiar with the principles and techniques of investment.
4. Opportunities for investment should not be missed and it is better to start as soon as possible to have the opportunity to make up for it.
5. Time plays an important role in investment risk. So that the longer the time period is, the higher the power of risk taking, as a result, the investment is less risky.

Safe Investment سرمایه گذاری امن
Safe Investment (S.I)

Method of Investing in the Stock Market

During the first half of 2017, the capital market has faced an unprecedented record and has grown by 102%, according to which, investing in the stock market is considered the best investment market.

An Overview of the Financial Market for Investment in Iran

Investing in Iran has always faced many challenges due to the country’s internal and external conditions and currency fluctuations and sanctions. In this situation, it seems difficult to predict the profitability of the investment.

Up To Sum

Investment is not only for the rich and every person with any amount of assets should invest cash in the current situation where the inflation rate and the fluctuation of economic indicators are high. In this way, currency, real estate, gold, stock market and bank interest are five areas of investment. The amount of investment profitability and its risk have a direct relationship. Usually, safe investments have less profit and the higher the investor’s profit, the riskier it is.


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