Sales Philosophy فلسفه فروش

Sales Philosophy

Sales philosophy is a set of principles that guide one’s thoughts and actions to be used in the process of selling goods or services. It comes from the ability to map, correlate, and understand the relationship between the organization’s mission process and its goal to satisfy customer needs. Also, to read more articles about business organization, you can refer to the articles page.

What is the sales philosophy?

A sales philosophy is a set of general guidelines used by an individual or company to achieve success in selling their products. It can be thought of as the ideas and beliefs that provide the foundation for how business owners approach what they do, how they treat their customers, and even how they market themselves.
The goal of any sales philosophy is to help drive sales through solid strategies that focus on specific results. For example, we may have a sales philosophy that focuses on increasing our closing rate at all costs. Alternatively, we could have another one that prioritizes reducing churn. To determine which approach will work best for our business, it is important to first consider the goal we hope to achieve with our actions before finding the best way to achieve it.

Sales Philosophy فلسفه فروش
Sales Philosophy

Body of Sales Philosophy

The body of the sales philosophy includes the following:

1) Need

We live our lives with the need for things and we are constantly looking for the things we need. Such as food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and companionship with someone we can bond with emotionally. The things we need to live are called needs.

2) Value

Value is what we want it to be. It stems from our personal purpose, which may be influenced by our values or belief system, or even by something that happened in our past. Values give meaning to everything we do because they help us achieve something.

3) Goals in Sales Philosophy

Goals are what we do to achieve our values. They show the steps to be taken to reach our goal. For example, reading a book on sales and using what we learned from the book in our daily routine is a goal.

4) Actions

Actions define how you will progress through each step of achieving your goals and objectives. Calling can be a type of action, which involves dialing random phone numbers until someone picks up. Then talk about their needs for specific products or services offered by our company. Once they find a reason why they need our product or service, we then move on to the agreement stage. Here both parties agree on the price and how to pay. This is an action that we can apply if our goal is to sell something.

5) Sales

Selling in selling philosophy is: persuading another person to agree with our position or point of view on things such as beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and more. The word sale means transfer; In the sense that what the seller wants to convey to others. Selling is knowledge about how they can benefit from a specific product at a specific price.
It may sound simple, but it takes years for aspiring salespeople to fully grasp this concept. Because there are times when we fail to convince someone to buy our product. Even when we clearly know that his needs are being met based on what we have been told.
It is a daily battle between two opposing forces, sales and resistance. If we fail to realize the possibilities, we will end up losing. Because selling means getting people from their current state of mind to support our position. When it comes to selling, this means getting inside the mind of our prospect and knowing what they want or need. Because we can convince them effectively.

6) Attitude

The type of feeling or behavior that a person has towards someone or something that makes him form an opinion based on his feeling. Salespeople have a hard time finding work because there are companies that only hire candidates with a positive attitude. This means that if we have a bad temper that affects our relationships with other people who work for our company, it will be really hard to find a job in this field. Unless these people can tolerate our negative personality.

7) Merit

Competence is quality and having the ability to do things effectively. Successful salespeople are often described by their colleagues and friends in this particular term. Because there is a certain level of skill in performing the duties and tasks given to them to achieve certain goals and objectives.

8) Communication

When we talk about communication, we mean the exchange of information between two or more people. so that they can understand each other well before proceeding with the next steps. This exchange can be verbal or non-verbal, but both parties involved can understand what the other party is trying to convey. Without good communication, we will end up wasting our time. Because even if one party understands the message the sender intended for them, if they can’t exactly pull that message off, it’s all for naught. If we are a salesperson, our employer expects us to be fluent in a language of our choice, such as English. Also, be proficient in communicating with people from different walks of life.

9) Empathy in Sales Philosophy

The ability to feel what others feel is called empathy. This means that if there is someone who doesn’t know how to empathize with others, they may unintentionally hurt that person because they don’t know where the other person is coming from or what makes them feel uncomfortable as a person. This type of people may say something without thinking and have a destructive effect on the feelings of others and lead them to discomfort. Depression and other mental illnesses are caused by such experiences. While this sounds quite dramatic, most people who do not know how to relate to other people are ridiculed by many people because they lack the compassion and understanding to see things from another’s point of view.

Sales philosophy فلسفه فروش
Empathy in Sales Philosophy

10) Techniques

A technique is a form of procedure or exercise in sales philosophy that we can use to solve a problem or achieve our goals and objectives. The more persuasive we are, the more likely we are to close deals for our company. Getting into the minds of buyers is an integral part of selling. Because we need to understand how our potential customers think and what they want compared to our company’s needs.
Without this knowledge, it will be difficult for a salesperson to actually close a deal. Unless his product or service is something people really need, without him needing a solid proof of it. This is actually one of the reasons why there are so many products on the market that don’t sell. Because companies go to great lengths to convince people to buy their products through outlandish marketing campaigns.

A salesperson should ask questions that guide them to understand what they can offer their customer instead of just thinking about the money that will be made from closing the deal. Techniques are important in sales philosophy. Because these techniques can help us get inside other people’s minds and know exactly what makes them tick, allowing us to be more persuasive during our presentations and bring more deals to our company. That’s why it’s recommended for those who want to have a successful sales career or even those who just want to close more deals to learn how to use different techniques that can really help us understand other people better.

11) Skills

There are different types of skills. Depending on what we do, these skills can help or hinder us in achieving our goals and values as a salesperson. For example, a person may have the ability to communicate with other people. This helps us a lot in selling products or services. This means that we don’t need to do everything alone, because if there is someone who knows how things go, especially when it comes to meeting new people, we can ask them for help.
The same is true for those who use phone calls as a means of conducting research on prospects and existing customers in order to build a list of potential customers to contact. This is an important skill because it allows us to connect with new people without having to call them to introduce ourselves and talk to them about some product or service we need. So a phone call can be useful in meeting customers who will become potential customers of our business. Although it is not easy, if there are skills that we do not know how to use, they should be corrected as soon as possible, because knowing how things work along with getting information about what we need can really help our careers a lot.

12) Authority

Another thing that we should not forget in sales philosophy is authority. Because this can lead us to higher sales which in turn makes our name more popular in the industry. The easiest way to gain status and authority is to receive awards or certificates from different institutions, which is not easy to do. Because there are only a few people who have the opportunity to fill out forms and provide information about a product, service, company, etc.
Since these forms are approved by certain associations or organizations, there must be something special about our company if it receives an award after completing simple requirements. Another way to gain authority is to be known as an expert in dealing with certain services or products, and even in certain industries.

13) Authenticity

In this case of our sales philosophy, we can achieve this by having a reputation among our peers and the people we work with. Because they know what they expect from us and can confidently say whether they consider us reliable enough or not. Those who sell their products or services online are advised to create an authentic image on their site. Because one of the most effective ways to gain credit is to build trust between buyers and sellers.

This can be done by giving important information about your company such as contact details, physical address, contact persons etc. Therefore, it is important to fully describe all the information users need before purchasing our products or registering for our services. We also need to make sure that our site is completely secure with all important details encrypted so that people can trust our company.

If having an image is not enough for us as a seller, it is recommended to have a website or blog. On this website, users should be able to find all the information they need about our products and services, including prices that are slightly higher than others. As a result, they find that instead of dealing with people who only sell cheap but low-quality products, they buy from someone who offers better service. Using someone with SEO skills will help us optimize our site for search engines and drive more traffic to our site. Therefore, the number of people who visit our site and buy will increase.

Up to Sum

After we have determined our sales philosophy based on the mentioned principles, we must implement it with great effort and perseverance. This helps us to increase our sales rate and close big deals. Stay with the specialists of Uprodemy website to get business advice and international trade.


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