The Lifestyle of Successful Managers سبک زندگی مدیران موفق

Lifestyle of Successful Managers Part 1

Lifestyle of Successful Managers Part 1

The lifestyle of successful managers is generally divided into two parts: personal lifestyle and work lifestyle. But it should not be thought that these two are different from each other. The influence of these two styles on each other is completely mutual. Especially, the influence that the individual lifestyle of successful people has on their work area is undeniable and ignored. In the first part of the article, we are going to examine the management styles of successful managers in their field of work, and in the second part, we will discuss the personal habit of successful managers.
We do not have a specific management style in our field of work. In other words, every manager in a field should use specific styles according to that field. It may even be that different behavioral styles are needed in a specific field and in dealing with different active teams in that field.
In fact, what a successful manager should know and adhere to is how to behave with the group under his management to get the highest efficiency and the most effective result. There are different management styles in the business environment, and each manager adopts a style based on his personal characteristics and the group he works with.

Types of Management Styles

1. Dictatorship Management Style

In this management style, the manager tries to have a domineering supervision over his employees. In fact, in this case, there is a top-down look. The manager gives orders and the employee executes without any question. The benefits of this style are more visible in critical and sensitive situations that require high speed of action. In such cases, it is necessary for one person to issue the necessary orders and others to execute them.
In general, and at other times, it is not recommended to implement this style because it may cause boredom and hatred of employees, lower work efficiency and create weak working relationships.

The Lifestyle of Successful Managers سبک زندگی مدیران موفق
The Lifestyle of Successful Managers (S.M)

2. Advisory and Consultative Management Style

In this method, the successful manager includes the employees in the decisions related to the strategic plans of the group. Before any action and decision, the manager reviews the plans in a meeting with his team and reaches a final decision with their consultation. This work increases the motivation and capability of the employees and speeds up their efforts towards the group’s goals. However, the excessive use of this capability causes the manager to lose control and reduce his responsibility for the decisions made. On the other hand, it will not be possible to use this technique in urgent situations due to its time-consuming nature.

3. Persuasive Management Style

This management style, like the dictatorship style, unilateral decisions are made. But the difference between these two styles is in the way decisions are made. In fact, in the persuasive style, employees are first persuaded to carry out the decisions made and then carry them out with their own satisfaction.

Up To Sum

In this article, we mentioned 3 examples of the most common management styles. But the important point in this context is that the implementation of management style is not limited to one of the mentioned cases. A successful manager can implement several styles at the same time by considering the set and also the abilities of his employees. Successful managers are always flexible and accurate in implementing their management styles.
It is also important to mention that using an inappropriate management style can have significant negative consequences on your business. It is also necessary to mention that using an inappropriate management style can have significant negative consequences on your business, such as reducing productivity and efficiency, disabling employees, creating an unfriendly atmosphere for the group, and other such problems.


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