Viral Marketing بازاریابی ویروسی

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a method that grows by spreading and multiplying. In the viral marketing method, people transmit the company’s advertising message to others. This method, like a virus, uses the method of publication and reproduction, in such a way that the intended message reaches thousands of people. Outside of cyberspace, marketing is similar to word-of-mouth marketing. But there are differences that make this method acceptable.
If we want to talk about one of the successful examples of viral marketing, it is the Hotmail service. Hotmail email service is one of the best email service providers and is based on network introduction method. In this method, the messaging service was free, a simple message was attached to the end of the messages, users sent emails to friends and family members, and these people were introduced to the Hotmail registration service. This service received the desired emails based on the increase of individual domains.

Important Elements of Viral Marketing

1. Providing Valuable Services and Products

Free is a valuable and powerful word. This word is considered an amazing phrase in the language of marketers. Programs that are considered for viral marketing are designed to attract the attention of the audience and provide a valuable selection to the customers for free. For example, providing free email service and free useful information that is very valuable from the customer’s point of view. Customers are very interested in cheap products and services and they make a lot of effort to get them. The free service product that includes the desired quality is considered the most important marketing step.

2. Easy Transmission of Messages and Reproduction of Advertisements

The virus reproduces easily when it is easily transmitted. This is the way of communication and media to convey the message. In this method, for example, using the free version of the software or websites are considered important.

3. Create Conditions for Growth

In viral marketing, the conditions for expansion must be provided. Virus transmission methods must be scalable and provide measurable conditions. Before starting marketing, it is necessary to have the necessary preparation to quickly adapt the system to the request.

Viral Marketing بازاریابی ویروسی
Communication Networks

4. Using Existing Communication Networks

Most people have good social situations. As psychologists say, each person has a network of 8 to 12 people around him. In viral marketing, which is called a network, the power of the human communication network is used. so that strong groups communicate with weak groups.

Viral Marketing Techniques

Viral marketing has different categories and each one performs its own tasks.

1. Value Marketing

Some viruses are identified in a specific value style. In this situation, the company offers a product that is of good quality and the customer is encouraged to introduce this product to others. In this method, the quality of the product is the first word and it must be of high quality that motivates the customer to advertise the product and create more precise conditions.

2. Tricky Marketing

This method is in the form that a person introduces a product to another person and receives a reward in return. What makes this method acceptable is the quality of the product and the method of introduction. This marketing method makes the position of risk clear.

3. Spiral Marketing

In viral marketing, a person can spread it based on his/her experience with the product and service. It is clear that this method can involve special policies.

4. Bad Marketing

In this way, he shares his experiences with the other person in a way that has a warning aspect and allows the person to avoid wrong choices.

Viral Marketing Transfer Methods

The first method to transmit viral marketing is to write information on websites that send information to email recipients. This method is called word-to-web and is denoted by the term wow.
Another way to send messages in the form of jokes and pictures is through email, which is called word-to-email. It is a type of word-of-mouth marketing that includes rumors and news. Word of mouth marketing is a better option. Another method in marketing is based on browsing. In this method, sites determine a reward for their customers’ referrals and can create special conditions.
Public debates are other methods of such marketing.

Advantages of Viral Marketing

1. Increasing customers interested in the brand

2. Less time and more growth

3. Obtain acceptable credit

4. To be seen better

5. To be cheap

Limitation of Advertising Expenses

A viral marketing strategy works like a virus. In such a way that the publication takes place in a short time and attracts more people and the level of website traffic increases. On the other hand, when there are more advertisements, people talk about the desired product, and this increases the credibility of the brand. The brand is used better and finally the advertising brand is followed with more expansion.

Disadvantages of Viral Marketing

1. In this way, it is difficult for the company to control the brand name.

2. The path of growth in this method is not predictable.

3. Measuring is hard to see.

4. Companies cannot accurately understand user behavior.

5. In this method, a lot of copying is seen, and it has been seen many times that competitors use similar communication tools.

Up To Sum

Viral marketing deals with the propagation of an information method that takes place automatically. In this method, the content of the publication is important. If the publication status is acceptable, it can bring a good result, but sometimes the content is published in a distorted form. Customers follow their goals through the position of advertisements, and imagery can make this path smoother. Of course, content visualizations have been superior to other marketing methods in recent years.


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