Direct Marketing بازاریابی مستقیم

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a form of advertising and one of the types of marketing that targets a person or company to generate new business or raise the image of the organization or product or increase sales. Telemarketing and internet marketing are all types of direct marketing. This marketing deals using the biggest selling advantage; That is, it uses the opportunity to communicate directly with the customer to create a personal relationship.
This method allows us to reach our target audience with direct messages without using expensive traditional advertising methods such as television, newspaper, and radio ads.

Types of Direct Marketing

When we say video marketing, we mean it clearly; Because it is known as one of the branches of digital marketing. But when we say marketing, we mean a set of marketing that are included in this package.

Face-to-Face Sales


Internet Marketing

Direct E-mail


1. Face-to-Face Sales

The oldest sales model is face-to-face, where company employees communicate with customers.

2. Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a direct marketing method that can sell if done by skilled people.

Direct Marketing بازاریابی مستقیم
Direct Marketing (D.M)
3. Internet Marketing

It is explained in detail in an article with the same title.

4. Send Direct E-mail

Sending email directly to the user has many advantages. Among other things, it is flexible, it is possible to measure and the user can be segmented.

5. Catalog Presentation

The catalog is a communication tool that reaches your audience directly. It is placed in the catalog of products or services that directly target the needs of users.

Marketing Problems

Targeting in this marketing that is presented to the audience has little effect. The company may gain some customers while losing all others. Spam, spam emails, and texting are all forms of marketing that many people can’t relate to it and complain about.
The most effective campaigns in the direct model use leads to send their messages only to specific people. We must pay attention to this issue so as not to face problems in marketing effectiveness. We can call the work we do marketing when the relationship between producer and consumer is established directly, we have a specific audience and our target community is limited.
If we want this method of marketing to work and achieve the desired result, we must limit our audience and put all costs on the same limited number. The method of advertising is based on personal communication and therefore it should be done based on the needs of people.

Disadvantages of Marketing

The main problem in this method is creating an image that is associated with the approval of a third person in the brand. For example, a company may pay for an advertisement report in a newspaper. This can help raise brand awareness and improve brand image, but it equates our brand image with its brand. Suppose a clothing manufacturing company advertises in Keyhan newspaper. The image that is created for the audience is a clothing manufacturing company. It can be said that this type of marketing leaves a halo effect on the brand.

Direct Marketing بازاریابی مستقیم

Advantages of Marketing

1. Its effectiveness can be measured by some tasks.

2. It is possible to access the personal information and postal address of the audience.

3. It is possible to personalize messages.

4. You can send advertisements or offer products that suit the needs of the audience and customers.

5. The relationship with the customer is very stable and long-term because the customer feels friendship.

6. The possibility of selling is more available when the customer needs our services or products.

Up To Sum

In marketing, we are not supposed to produce advertising content for small customers, on the contrary, our goal is to identify potential audiences that are likely to become real. It is clear to us. It is after this stage that we continue the process using the types of marketing that we have mentioned to reach our goals.


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