Brand Personality شخصیت برند

Brand Personality

Brand Personality

Brand personality is a set of human characteristics attributed to the brand. In other words, brand personality is something that customers can relate to it. An effective brand increases its value by having fixed attributes that satisfy the consumer group. This personality is the qualitative added value that the brand acquires on its functional benefits. They are expressed as traits that show how we want people to perceive us. Like being happy, young, reliable, friendly, responsible. Demographic characteristics such as gender, age and social class can also be mentioned. If we think of our brand with unique features, we can present ourselves in a way that makes us emotionally connect with the customers we want to attract.
This is very important because emotions make decisions, especially buying decisions. For example, Apple’s brand persona enables customers to express their ideal version using the brand.

The Reason for the Importance of Brand Identity

Create Customer Preferences and Differentiate Your Brand

One of the methods of creating differentiation in order to introduce and produce a special and more valuable product than what others offer is to give human characteristics to the brand.

Reinforces the Brand Story

In our brand story, there are reasons why customers should care about us? What do we care about? How do we want to help the world and the people in it? What is the difference between our work and competitors? How is the experience of working with us? The personality trait we choose should be rooted in strategy. Humans all have brands, values, and main principles that guide them. Personality traits help us understand what people are like deep down.

Brand Personality شخصیت برند
Apple Brand

Advantages of Brand Personality

Brand personality will bring benefits that will always stay with the brand and provide customer satisfaction and increase sales. Perhaps it can even be said that its most important advantage is winning in the existing competitive market and among competitors. When we are always at the top in the competitive market, all the costs we incurred in this way will also return to our business cycle.

Definition of Brand Personality

We can use different methods for this definition. But using the methods should be appropriate to our brand and have the most connection with our brand.

Brand Identity Framework

Brand identity is divided into 5 categories: honesty, excitement, competence, elegance, roughness.
The traits we choose will be a subset of one of these five personality dimensions; For example, courage or adventure is a subset of excitement. Attractive and feminine is a subset of elegance. For example, if you are a virtual assistant, our main competitors may focus on competence. They have reliability, hard work and responsibility.

Up To Sum

The real magic happens when we create consistent brand personality that is visible. As a result, people start getting to know us, which makes them trust and choose us.


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