Brand Restoration ترمیم برند

Brand Restoration

Brand Restoration

Brand restoration is one of the issues that is always important for businesses. However, unfortunately, in recent years, we have faced the process of removing and weakening famous brands in the market. It can be said that brands that don’t give their flexibility to their evolution are most at risk of destruction and weakness. In addition to being costly, repairing a weakened or lost brand can also be time-consuming.

Brand Restoration Process

Brand restoration is actually a set of actions and designing new strategies in the nature of the existing brand in order to adapt it to the changes in the target market. If a brand stops trying to make effective changes while undergoing changes, its existence is at risk of being weakened or destroyed.
But in contrast to businesses that are constantly looking for evolution and constructive changes for their brand, they renew themselves in various fields such as logo, color, slogan, etc. However, sometimes the brand problem is beyond repair. In this situation, our brand needs fundamental changes so that it does not lose its competitive advantages. Therefore, we must enter the field of rebranding.

The Difference Between Brand Restoration and Rebranding

We are faced with the restoration of the brand where we intend to modernize the image and external appearance of the brand on the one hand and preserve its essence and strategy on the other hand.
But rebranding refers to the complete change of brand identity and strategy, which is usually implemented when the current strategy fails. In fact, in rebranding, we are faced with a series of basic and fundamental changes that give a new life to a failing business. The elements that can be changed during rebranding are: brand position, brand value, relevant guidelines.

Brand Restoration Strategy

By taking some steps, we can repair our damaged brand. At the same time, we must consider the needs of the company and the audience during the process of brand restoration.

1. Brand Repair or Rebranding

At the beginning, we should check whether we need rebranding or brand restoration. Our company employees may have an opinion on rebranding. But the reason for this opinion should be clearly defined for the company. Because our brand may not need to be renewed at all and the reason for this request is simply tiredness of the current brand. In such a situation, entering the field of re-branding can face us with time constraints and high costs.
At this stage, we may be faced with the question, when is the exact time for rebranding?
To answer this question, the objectives and internal situation of the organization should be examined. If any of the following conditions exist, we can proceed to rebranding:

1. Promoting the brand at the national or international level.
2. The current brand hinders the growth of the company in other markets.
3. Lack of proper communication between customers and the company.
4. Mergers of the company with other companies.

If our company does not face the above problems, we only need to restore the brand to modernize the company.

2. Employees’ Mental Image of the Company’s Future

By talking with the employees, we should look for their views on the current and future state of the brand and the company. Let’s make sure that all the employees are creative in this matter and that the responsibility of changes is not placed on only a limited number. Reflect the answers given by team members to our questions about the current and future position of the company in our logo and brand design. For example: make your logo modern and unique so that it differentiates itself from competitors. Or with a new color combination in the logo design, we can make it possible for our logo to be the spokesperson of our brand. Consider the needs of the audience in choosing your advertising slogan.

Brand Restoration ترمیم برند
Brand Restoration (B.R)
3. Using social media to Communicate with Audiences

Using applications such as Twitter and Instagram to get to know and communicate with target customers can provide valuable information about their needs and desires. By using mass media for marketing processes, we can inform our audience about possible future changes while marketing. In addition, this possibility will also be available to us that we will indirectly inquire about their level of satisfaction and expectations from the future changes.

4. Considering the Feelings and Wishes of the Audience

For this purpose, it is better to interact directly with our audience. Our audience intends to experience a major difference from others by choosing our brand. By talking with our target audience, we will be aware of their needs, desires and heart feelings and use them in the process of restoring our brand.

5. Smooth Changes

We don’t need to start the process of applying changes by storm! The changes should be slow and continuous so that we can check the feed backs at the same time as they are applied and apply other changes according to their positive or negative.

Brand Repair Checklist

Perhaps it is better to start the brand restoration process from market research and competitor analysis. To restore the brand, new changes in the market, changes in customer needs, and the impact of external factors should also be considered.

1. Strengthening Visual Identity

The new look we have chosen for the logo, the new slogan, the brand color should distinguish our brand from others. If our logo doesn’t have a good and ideal look, try to make it more attractive with new colors, geometric shapes, and new fonts.

Brand Restoration ترمیم برند
Strengthening Visual Identity (S.V.I)
2. Emotional Appeal in Brand Messages

The messages that we present in the form of our brand should match the personality of the buyers and pay attention to the emotions of the audience. Using sincere and reliable messages in the brand restoration process activates the audience’s emotional and emotional intelligence and differentiates us from our competitors.

3. Checking the Contents Before Publication

Before publishing content related to the brand on the Internet, editing them and deleting old posts can also transform our presence in the digital marketing space.

4. Designing an Executive Program

After determining the things needed for change, we start and advance the restoration process by designing a suitable executive plan for inside and outside the organization.

Up To Sum

Re-branding or brand restoration is a solution to face the changes made in the market or even the needs and wants of customers. With this, we can create a position for the brand that will be popular and lasting. It may be time-consuming and expensive to reach this goal, but in the end, the result can be desirable.

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