Digital Marketing بازاریابی دیجیتال

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

It should be noted that digital marketing is different from internet marketing. Internet marketing is advertising that is done on the Internet. But digital marketing can be done through all electronic devices. Such as mobile phones, video games or programs and apps for smartphones.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a set of activities that are done to promote products using digital tools. In fact, digital marketing is more extensive than other marketing methods in traditional businesses. In this method, the marketer depends more on digital media such as social networks.
Using any type of media related to digital businesses can help in this way of marketing. There are many methods and tools for digital marketing. For example, by using site optimization for search engines, you can introduce many customers to your products and services through search engines. Digital marketing is not limited to online services.
Many people think that digital marketing is only for businesses that have a website and offer their services online. While this is not the case at all. There are many traditional businesses that use digital advertising to introduce their products to current and future customers. In digital marketing, it is tried to investigate and analyze the behavior of users and potential customers of a particular collection and business using tools such as website, email and social networks. After the investigation, it got more efficiency from marketing on people.

The Necessity of Digital Marketing

The removal of economic and political boundaries and the development of communication technology have changed the field of trade and business and created a business environment with unique features. This new space is influenced by the mutual influence of market fluctuations and customer behavior.
The tools that were used in the past have lost their effectiveness in the current new environment. This space has threats and opportunities for trade and business even at the international level. All businesses and organizations providing services and startups have paid a lot of attention due to the use of this potential opportunity and the possibility of analyzing the behavior and performance of their collection.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

The high potential of this style of marketing has made it not only a necessity, but also a great opportunity for business development. First, because it costs little for companies. Second, as much as the viewer wants to see the advertising message, it will have the greatest impact on the audience with a one-time cost.
Third, the customer can communicate with the source of the message and comment on the message, which in addition to improving the provision of services and products, makes him/her more understanding of the customer’s behavior and needs.
Fourth, it is more effective than other media advertisements and ultimately targets real customers more effectively.

Digital Marketing بازاریابی دیجیتال
Digital Marketing (D.M)

Objectives of Digital Marketing

Today’s marketing has a lot of meaning, and in addition to advertising and offering goods and services, it includes all effective processes in attracting the attention of customers and increasing market share. The purpose of marketing is to increase the purchase and sale of goods and services for business and any group of businesses to ultimately increase profits. But marketing does not only mean advertising and introducing products and services. Rather, it is to prepare the needs of customers and a social and management process by which businesses can expand their influence in the target markets by knowing the needs and interests of customers, the appropriate method of providing goods and services, appropriate pricing, promoting and advertising their products.
Marketers are always looking for research on the needs and interests of customers and use all the possibilities, including information technology and the Internet. Digital marketing follows the goals of traditional marketing, with the difference that in this type of marketing, it seeks more innovation by using new technology tools and methods.
On the other hand, the purpose of digital marketing is to identify the important elements and to apply strategies and strategies specific to business and organization for the effectiveness of the marketing process and the maximum profitability of businesses active in the digital trade market.

Challenges Facing Digital Marketing

Diversity of communication methods is one of the challenges that digital marketing creates for marketers. Digital marketers and advertisers must always be up-to-date in terms of knowledge; Because the ways and means of communication always change quickly. Marketers should be aware of how each of the ways work, what capacities they have, how products and services can be distributed to the market, and how for example, because of the type of Instagram users, many people use this platform, while others use Telegram for educational purposes or for their purchases. A successful marketer tries to identify the situations well and offer his/her advertising content according to each one.
On the other hand, one of the challenges facing retailers is attracting the attention of customers. Because they are always exposed to different advertisements from many ways and competing companies. The marketer should always be creative and try new methods. they can be used by users and customers.
Another challenge is to analyze and deal with large volumes of data related to products and services and use them in a market-friendly and customer-acceptable manner. This challenge highlights the need for principled marketing and the use of knowledge-based methods to understand customer behavior as much as possible.

Up To Sum

Correct understanding of customer behavior and needs in the digital platform is the need of every business today. Solving this need should be done from the digital space and with the help of related tools. Today, unlike in the past, businesses face a different way to maintain their position in the market. Knowing and understanding the needs of the users of the collection can attract the attention of customers and their loyalty. For this purpose, the tools available in digital marketing will be a good guide.



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