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Business Meeting and Related Points

Business Meeting and Related Points

One of the most important issues in a successful business meeting or concluding a business contract is the ability to attract the audience. This happens when you win the negotiations. But in order to achieve this success, it is necessary to know and observe some points before starting the meeting. In this article, we will explore some of these tips for having a great negotiation session.

Planning and Targeting

Targeting means what we are looking for from the upcoming negotiation in our business meeting. Planning means how we should act to achieve the above goal. In fact, planning before entering the business meeting organizes the process of reaching our goal and prevents possible problems during negotiations. You should know that planning and targeting is very necessary to achieve a favorable and effective result in relation to negotiations. Because without correct targeting, we and business counterpart will get confused since we don’t know what exactly we are looking for from this negotiation and what goal we are looking for.
Also, targeting is an important element in business meeting time management. When the purpose of the meeting is clear, we can raise our desired topics in predetermined time intervals. Observing this point will prevent verbosity and deviating the path of negotiations, and in short time, we will achieve our desired result, which is the conclusion of a commercial contract.

Acquire The Common Interests

We must know that people are very interested in talking about themselves. We should provide this opportunity by finding common points of interest between us and our business counterpart at the beginning of our business meeting. This will bring us two advantages. First, it makes the business counterpart trust us and evokes his sense of appreciation towards us. Second, it will make us get to know him as much as possible and achieve a favorable result in the next meetings and negotiations. Also, remember to avoid talking about trivial matters such as the weather, sensitive topics such as religion and politics, and topics that are directly related to the goods and services provided by us at the beginning of the conversation.

The Evaluation of a Business Counterpart

One of the most important things to do before any business meeting is to analyze the counterpart. The analysis of the counterpart will be different according to the legal or real personality of the negotiating party.

A) The Evaluation of a Legal Person

The primary factors that must be considered in the evaluation of a legal person before starting negotiations are: the credit of the legal person, the initial capital of the legal person, Lego, brand, board members, changes to the statutes, the type of company and its activity.
There is a bit of complexity regarding the evaluation of a legal person. Because we have to check his performance during the company’s activity. These reviews will determine the framework of the negotiations, especially in the international arena. If the field of activity of that company and the topic of cooperation is at the international level, the evaluation of the audience will be associated with more complexities.

B) The Evaluation of a Natural Person

The evaluation of a natural person is much easier because his/her place of residence and workplace is more accessible. His/her turnover and credit at the banks can also be inquired. Besides, his/her business counterparts are known and it is possible to evaluate him/her asking them about his/her business character before entering a secure contract

A Draft Contract or Agreement

If we are the service provider in a business meeting, we must have prepared a draft of preliminary agreements before holding negotiations. This draft, in addition to showing our seriousness in making the transaction, also helps us to proceed the enter of the business contract more easily and quickly. It also allows us not to forget the overall structure of the transaction and the benefits that we have in mind for the claim.

Business Meeting جلسه تجاری
Business Meeting (B.M)

Up To Sum

For an effective business meeting and negotiation, attention to details and detailed and complete evaluation of conditions and people will be very necessary and fruitful. Great success depends on paying attention to these simple and seemingly trivial details.

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