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Emotional Quotient and Ways to Develop It

Emotional Quotient and Ways to Develop It

Psychologists have provided several definitions of emotional quotient over time. But the nature of all of them is equal and the same result is received from them. One of the simplest, most concise and comprehensive definitions in this regard is provided by Daniel Coleman.
He believed that “emotional quotient is a set of abilities that allows us to recognize and regulate emotions in ourselves and others.”
Based on this definition and other definitions, people who have this ability to a large extent can identify and control their own and others’ emotions. Although they can distinguish between its positive and negative consequences.

Components of Emotional Quotient

Emotional Quotient includes 5 Skills:
A) Self-Awareness: It means that we are properly aware of our emotions and feelings as well as their impact on others. Let’s know our strengths and weaknesses and know what we do or should do in relation to them.
B) Self-Regulation: It refers to the control of emotions and feelings, their correct and appropriate expression, flexibility and the ability to adapt with new conditions and changes, as well as being responsible for emotions and feelings.
C) Self-Motivation: This means that for the individual, personal goals and needs are more important than the reward and position he/she gets after achieving success. In this case, failure cannot reduce a person’s motivation or destroy it permanently.
D) Empathy: This component allows a person to understand the emotions and feelings of others and respond to them based on his/her knowledge of his/her own emotions and feelings and accompany them.

Emotinal Quotient هوش هیجانی
Emotional Intelligence EQ

D) Social Skill: Social skill in emotional quotient helps us to use our understanding of our own and other people’s emotions in our daily communication and interactions. From the series of social skills, we can mention active listening, verbal communication, non-verbal communication, etc.

Ways to Strengthen Emotional Quotient

Learn to Take it Easy

Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves and subject ourselves to the most severe tortures and the most painful tasks that we deny ourselves the opportunity to rest. For this reason it’s better to be kinder with ourselves. Let’s get away from difficulties, relax and examine our feelings. It is better to stop and think before any emotional reaction occurs.

Think Positively and Give Positive Energy to Others

Having a positive mindset and giving positive energy to the people around you is another component of emotional intelligence, that, in addition to being effective in the people around you, is also effective in our own lives and spirits. Positive thinking can calm our mind and increase our life expectancy. This factor can also affect our personal and social success.


Know Your Feelings

When we have full mastery over our emotions, we can more easily control them in different situations. We must be flexible and realistic about our feelings and not deny them.

Predict Your Feelings

Think about the situations we might be in and try to guess our possible feelings. This allows us to take control of our emotions and manage them more easily in different situations and react more appropriately to emotions and situations.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

In order to discover our real existential capacity and to better understand our feelings, it is necessary to get out of the safe zone that we have made for ourselves. By challenging ourselves in this way, our hidden capabilities will be clearly visible, our emotional quotient will be developed and bigger events and more impressive successes will happen to us.

To Sum Up

The ways to strengthen emotional quotient do not end with these few things and there are many ways to enhance it. Emotional quotient is very important because it has a great impact on our jobs and other matters in our lives. Things like self-confidence, suggestion, positive thinking, etc., which have a great impact on our success, come from emotional quotient. Since the majority of human decisions throughout life are derived from his emotions and feelings, developing emotional quotient allows us to be successful in the competitive environment of our work environment. We at Uprodemy collection will help you achieve this goal.

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