International Brand Registration

International Brand Registration

International brand registration is actually the registration and commercial identity of a product or business at the international level. In today’s business environment, many natural and legal persons intend to take greater steps in the field of international trade in order to develop and introduce their products and business. Therefore, they think of internationalizing their brand to achieve this goal.
People whose business activities are focused on export and import, think more than any business owner about the internationalization of their brand; Because in this case, they can introduce and sell their business, products and services on a wider level.
On the other hand, this will be a serious obstacle in the way of people who seek to promote themselves at the international level with the intention of profiting and abusing the name and brand of others.

Brand Internationalization

To register a global brand, it is necessary to go through the brand registration process in the country of origin. It means that the products and services must have a clear and well-known identity in the country of the brand owner. After this action, we can register our brand in the member countries of the Madrid Convention by paying legal fees according to the law of each country.
The Madrid Convention is a convention consisting of 85 countries in which international brand registration is done through the intellectual property offices in these countries. Of course, it should be noted that for globalization, the approval of the World Trademark Registration Organization, which is called WIPO for short, is required.

Names and Trademarks that can be Registered in the International Arena

In the global and international arena, we do not have any restrictions for registering different names and signs. In fact, registrar signs can consist of letters, numbers, shapes, colors, sounds and other distinguishing features. But the point to consider in this case is that these signs and trade names must be accepted in the country of origin, that is, they must comply with the domestic laws and public and religious systems of the country of origin.

Advantages of International Brand Registration

1. Acquiring Credit and Increasing It

With the international registration of the brand, the range of business customers and our products will increase significantly. Our activity level is no longer limited to our country of origin and place of residence, and we will have a huge number of customers all over the world. It will also give us access to international agreements and treaties such as TRIPS and ARIPO.

2. Brand Protection

By registering your business name and brand, the possibility of copying our business reputation for competitors and profit seekers is minimized. In fact, no one can carry out similar activities with the same name and title or register the business activities carried out by us in their own name.

3. Being Supported

By registering a global brand, we can get our goods and services supported by foreign governments. We will also be able to attract foreign investments and government companies. With this, we are approaching the stage of commercialization of the product at the global level.

4. Creation of Capital

With the registration of the brand at the international level and its fame, the sale of our products and services will developed in the global market, and even after that, it will be possible to grant the brand at a high price, which will be profitable for us.

Procedures for International Brand Registration

As we mentioned earlier, for commercial registration, we first need to register our brand in our own country. After registering the brand in the country of origin, we will receive the application form and fees by entering the WIPO website. The application must be written in English, Spanish or French, and the names of the requested countries must also be mentioned in it. After setting, we will upload it to the site.
In addition to the international registration application, all internal registration documents must also be uploaded.
According to the member countries of the convention where we want to register our brand, we must complete one or all three forms MM3, MM2, MM1 which can be accessed through the site. At the end, we complete the expenses form with the currency unit of francs on the WIPO website.


International Brand Registration ثبت برند بین المللی
International Brand Registration (I.B.R)

Up To Sum

In order to stand out at the international level, we must first work on the identity and credibility of our business and the popularity of goods and services at the domestic level. We should also pay attention to the fact that global brand registration is not mandatory, but for the development of business in the international field, as well as having international advantages and its special support, such as foreign investments, its registration will be necessary and decisive.


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