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Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is one of the most important issues faced by companies active in the field of export and import. Carrying out this process requires learning various laws and regulations in this field in different countries. Because in case of any carelessness and lack of proper action in this regard, the clearance operation will be illegal and will lead to a lot of material and credit losses.

Clearance Operation

As it was said, the clearance operation is a set of actions that are carried out in order to get the imported and exported goods out of the customs. These measures, which are usually carried out by the owners of goods or their representatives, require preparation and registration of some documents in physical or electronic form and payment of usual expenses such as customs fees, insurance and taxes.
Usually, the goods clearance process is carried out by a person called work clearance, who is familiar with the work procedure and relevant rules and regulations in this field. Carrying out customs clearance by ourselves may waste time and cost more due to lack of familiarity with the work framework.
In order to clear the goods, we must first go to the relevant organizations and bodies and request a license according to the goods we intend to clear. From the series of organizations that issue clearance permits, we can mention the Health Organization, Islamic Culture and Guidance Organization, and the Center for Intellectual Education of Children and Adolescents. After obtaining the necessary permits, we will proceed to the clearance of our goods by referring to the relevant offices in the customs office.
One of the important points that we must consider in the matter of goods clearance is the value of the goods in the customs. Valuation of these goods is done by different ways in different countries, so to correctly determine their value, we must have sufficient mastery and experience in this field.

Customs Clearance Procedures

1. Completion of Documents

At this stage, we must complete a declaration online through the customs website and attach some required documents to it. Since today, due to technological advances, electronic affairs are done electronically through the Internet, there is no longer a need to go in person to complete the declaration and it can be done online. Among the series of documents that must be attached to the declaration in this process, the following can be mentioned:
Copy of business card
Warehouse Receipt
Bill of lading
Certificate of origin
Baling list
Insurance Policy
Legal authorizations
Official power of attorney or business license card
Export license

2. Authentication

At this stage, our declaration and information as the owner of the goods will be checked and a registration number will be assigned to us. Therefore, the customs check and verifies our identity before any action.

3. Control of Goods

At this stage, the relevant goods are controlled by customs experts and their compliance with the supplementary documents and declaration is confirmed by us.

4. Check Customs Tariff

At this stage, the experts determine the customs tariff of the goods that we are applying for clearance according to the evaluation that we have done in the initial stages.

5. Clearance Document

At this stage, the owner of the goods receives the final approval and the clearance slip from the customs organization by paying the customs fee determined in the previous stage and proceeds to clear the goods.

6. Warehousing and Loading Permit

After settling the account with the transportation department, we go to the warehouse and by presenting the goods clearance permit, we proceed to obtain the loading permit from the warehouse and pay the storage fees.

7. Goods Departure

After receiving permission to leave from the storekeeper and paying the relevant costs such as unloading and loading, insurance and the period of the goods staying in the warehouse, we can load and remove the goods we want from the warehouse. The goods are re-examined when they leave the warehouse and customs.

Up To Sum

Clearance customs is one of the things that is very important in the matter of export and import. While the clearance process is sometimes sensitive due to political and economic issues, lack of familiarity with the relevant laws and regulations in this area can also make the clearance process longer in addition to customs violations. Therefore, in this regard, we need to be more familiar with the relevant procedures and mechanisms.


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