Groupage گروپاژ



Groupage is a method for transporting goods on a limited basis at the international level; That is, when we intend to transport goods with a volume less than one truck or one container, we do not use the usual methods of international transportation widely. But, the method of transportation is groupage.

A more Detailed Explanation of the Groupage

The standard volume of a container is 20 feet and 35 cubic meters. When a businessman intends to transport small cargo, it is impossible and illogical to use this huge volume. Therefore, in this situation, it uses the groupage method for transportation. In this way, he puts his Cargo together with the Cargo of other transport applicants in a container. Using groupage to transport limited goods is also economical.

Packaging of Goods in Groupage Transportation

Regarding the packaging, we have 3 different models. Small packing, Plastic packing, Wooden packing. Each of these cases has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Groupage Transportation (G.T)
Small Package

It is more suitable for transporting small goods, but it cannot be guaranteed in terms of security.

Plastic Pallets

This method is suitable for dealing with water penetration and damage in this sense, but due to its easy movement and displacement, there is a possibility of damage in this direction. It will also be harmful in terms of damage to the natural environment.

Wooden Pallets

This style of packaging is safe both in terms of damage to the product itself and in terms of damage to nature, and its security is also high.

Cargos that can be transported through Groupage

• Transportation of goods purchased through auction sites around the world.
• Devices whose movement is associated with sensitivity.
Exhibition Cargos between two countries.
• Receiving product samples from other countries
• Small volume purchases
• Importing goods that are temporary in nature. For example, they enter to repair industrial devices.

Groupage گروپاژ
Transported Through Groupage (T.G)

Advantages of Shipping Through Groupage

It seems that the main advantage of transporting goods through groupage is its low cost. In fact, we don’t have to pay for the full space of the container to transport our small goods. Therefore, it will be cost-effective.

Disadvantages of Groupage Shipping

Along with the advantages that this transportation model brings, one of its most important disadvantages is the late arrival of the cargo to its destination. This delay is sometimes affected by group page rules. When we intend to transport goods through this method, we must also take into account that the movement of goods, do not require licensing, along with goods that require licensing, will cause a delay in the extraction of our goods from customs. Because we have to wait for the license of other goods to be issued and then we can take out our goods. This issue may be to our detriment and we may lose the market for our products.

Up To Sum

Groupage is a method of transportation in the international field by which we can carry out our small commercial shipments. Along with the advantages of this method in terms of reducing transportation costs, the delay in the arrival of the goods at the destination is one of its disadvantages.


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