Evaluation Export Readiness ارزیابی آمادگی صادرات

Evaluation Export Readiness

Evaluation Export Readiness

Evaluation export readiness means that every country must measure its export readiness before entering the export field. On a smaller scale, before exporting, any company should check the necessary infrastructure and criteria for the export process. If we are faced with limitations and lack of global standards for export in any of these dimensions, the possibility of carrying out the export process will face serious obstacles.

Importance of Export Readiness Assessment

Assessment of readiness is one of the most important prerequisites for entering global and international markets. Also, the previous evaluation can be considered as one of the important factors before choosing the target market and designing entry strategies to these markets. In fact, countries and companies should be aware of their capabilities at the beginning in order to choose their target markets at the international level based on them. Otherwise, the possibility of wrong elections and many financial and credit losses is not far from expected.
To evaluate the success or failure of companies in the process of internationalization, we are faced with two factors, relying on which we can identify foreign markets and predict the success of exports:

1. The extent of the company’s readiness for export in terms of competitiveness and resources.
2. Correct evaluation of the determining factors within the company.

To design an export plan and enter international markets, first of all, we must use the effective factors in this field to analyze the competitive market. In this regard, we examine 3 important factors according to the inherent characteristics of the company, in order to achieve the desired result:

1. Opportunities in every market
2. Reliability of markets
3. Access to various international markets

Internal Factors in the Company’s Readiness to Export

We said earlier that the company’s readiness to export and enter the world market also depends on the company’s internal factors. The situation of these factors is different in each company and under different conditions, but these factors themselves, as determining factors in this field, include the following:

1. Competitive Advantages

It means that some companies may have better conditions than other competitors in terms of products and facilities. These conditions will distinguish such companies from their competitors in the existing competitive market and produce export products.

Evaluation Export Readiness ارزیابی آمادگی صادرات
Evaluation Export Readiness (E.E.R)
2. Product Customization

In order to present a good image of our product in the international markets, we must produce our products with especial and specific criteria; That is, the criteria that are important in our target market. This process is called product customization.

3. Pre- and Post – Sale Services

Providing pr- and post-sale services is very important, especially for buyers who buy in high volume. Designing such services that are also related to the product is one of the necessary ways to enter international markets in the matter of export.

4. Available Source

Every company necessarily has different departments and resources. The main resources of companies include financial resources, technology and human resources, the amount of which depends on the extent of the company.

Important Factors in Evaluating Export Readiness

Before any action to enter the global market, we must check 2 important factors:

1. Evaluation of Management and Planning

In this part of the export evaluation, we will evaluate the strategies, efficiency of the organization, structure and performance of the employees. To know whether the company has the ability to export and present the product internationally.

2. Marketing and Sales System Evaluation

In the export evaluation of this system, we are dealing with things such as the nature of the products, the level of familiarity of the employees with the products, the prices, the position of the products in the distribution cycle, the services that can be offered to the customers, the quality of advertisements and the communication skills of the employees to provide the products.

Evaluation Export Readiness ارزیابی آمادگی صادرات
Marketing and Sales System Evaluation (M.S.S.E)

Up To Sum

Not all companies have the ability to enter the field of export and international markets. It is impossible to get the necessary preparations in the short term. To achieve such readiness, we must work on our internal capabilities for a long time to obtain ideal conditions to join the global market.
In the first step of evaluation the export readiness, we examine the company’s internal conditions and find our strengths and weaknesses. After evaluating and fixing the internal weaknesses, we go to the evaluation of other parts and pave the way to reach the target markets.


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