Enhancing Organizational Productivity افزایش بهره وری سازمانی

Enhancing Productivity in Organization

Enhancing Productivity in Organization

Enhancing Productivity in Organization is important because today we are facing the growth of industries and the development of the industrial economy in the world. This causes the understanding of the importance of enhancing productivity and familiarity with it in organizations. Productivity largely depends on how to use the resources and facilities under the authority of the organization. In fact, each organization has a different efficiency compared to the rest of the organizations, according to the efficiency and quality of the actions taken. In the following, we will learn more about the concept of organizational productivity and ways to increase it.

Definition of Productivity

Productivity means obtaining the maximum possible profit through the improvement of environmental conditions. The improvement of environmental conditions is also done through the modification of organizational structure, improvement and development of human resources, development and modernization of new technologies, etc. Methods to improve and increase productivity are personalized; That is, it is different in every organization compared to other organizations; Therefore, it is not possible to increase the productivity of all organizations with a similar style.

The Importance of Increasing Productivity in the Organization

It can be said that the increase in productivity in the organization allows us to always be at the top in the competitive environment in the market and to be able to update ourselves quickly against sudden and unexpected changes in the market. Also, due to the limited resources we have, both in terms of financial and human resources, we must have the maximum productivity from the minimum resources at our disposal.

Solutions to Increase Productivity

After getting familiar with the concept of productivity and its importance, we will examine the solutions to increase productivity.

1. Create a Commitment

Having committed and responsible employees is one of the most important factors of an organization. For this reason, managers of organizations should try different methods to create commitment in the employees of their group. It is possible to create this feeling by providing material and spiritual incentives and creating motivation. When the sense of commitment to the job is awakened in the employees, they work with more interest, precision and enthusiasm, and their performance increases the productivity in the organization.

2. Waste Reduction

The presence of waste is caused by increased production. By reducing the level of waste, the company’s costs are also reduced, and as a result, the company gets more profit. The result of the increase in profit will be the increase in the income of the employees, which is considered as a motivation for them and increases their standard of living. It also helps the economic growth of the country.

3. Delegation of Authority

Delegation of authority by the manager of the organization to the employees creates a sense of responsibility in them. Also, increasing the cooperation of employees with each other strengthens participation, mobility and organizational agility.

Enhancing Organizational Productivity افزایش بهره وری سازمانی
Delegation of Authority (D.A)
4. Use of Talents

Correctly identifying individual talents and using them in their right place is another way to increase productivity in the organization. In some organizations, especially large groups, people are not employed in the right place with individual talents. Also, sometimes part of the talent of the employees remains potential and is not seen. The manager of the organization must be fully aware of the talents and abilities of his employees and use them to increase the productivity of the organization.

5. Strengthen Time Management Skills

Evaluating wasted time can also be effective in increasing organizational productivity. To strengthen this skill, we can make a list of daily activities and the amount of time we spend on them. By checking this list, we will find out in which sections we have wasted time or so-called dead time and in which sections we need to spend more time.

Enhancing Organizational Productivity افزایش بهره وری سازمانی
Time Management (T.M)
6. Targeting

Determining goals within the organization and making them known to the employees makes the employees know exactly what they are working for and what the organization’s plans are in a certain period of time. Therefore, they work with more care, attention and commitment to achieve the goals of the organization. Goal setting will also increase productivity because it defines the path for the collection.

7. Productivity Assessment

After implementing productivity methods, we must design a comprehensive system to measure productivity. If productivity is not measured at specific time intervals, we will not know how effective the development patterns are. Therefore, it is necessary to have a comprehensive, accurate and specialized system to evaluate these cases.

Up To Sum

The importance of patterns of enhancing productivity in organization is undeniable; Because in order to survive in the competitive environment in the market, we must show the highest efficiency with the least facilities. Increasing productivity in the group is one of the most important tasks of the manager of any organization, which must be done by considering factors such as the talent of employees, reducing waste, etc.


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