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Internet Domestic Trade

Internet Domestic Trade

Internet domestic trade is one of the most important branches of domestic trade. These businesses are based on using the virtual space of the Internet for domestic business.

Electronic Commerce

There are many definitions for e-commerce. Some believe that e-commerce means selling goods and services or computers through the Internet, and some others believe that e-commerce means targeted business and activities with technical data that are carried out with the help of electronic devices. By means of e-commerce, exchange of buying and selling information and marketing of products and services is done with minimal effort and bank transactions are done quickly. Companies do not have the current restrictions to communicate with each other, and their communication is faster.

Internet Domestic Business

Domestic business is an important branch of business.

Types of Internet Domestic Business

A) Simple Business

Simple business is by using some internet sites that engage us in an internet job without any money and in return they give us salary. The main task of the sites is to increase the traffic of the sites.

B) Business Based on Investment

Investment-based on businesses are jobs that require initial capital. There are hundreds of investment centers on the Internet, the initial capital of which is a small amount like 5 or 20 dollars. On the other hand, the establishment of representative offices and branches does not require money.
The Successful Experience of Some Countries in the Field of Business and Household
According to statistics and information in developed and developing countries, online domestic business has a significant contribution in creating employment and added value and in exports.


In order to develop and industrialize and reduce unemployment in areas that were less developed, Italy has already adopted the policy of developing and expanding small and home businesses.
In the southern regions of Italy, unemployment reached above 22%.
Italy divided its production units in the form of industrial clusters in areas and neighborhoods with high population density. For this purpose, the officials of this country encouraged large industrial companies to increase the volume of cooperation and develop work contracts with small and home industries


The leap point of Taiwan’s economy after the country’s separation from China has started from home businesses. Today, this form of economic activities is directly and indirectly related to more than eighty percent of the country’s economy.

Reasons for Taiwan’s Success

1. Applying incentive policies to support small industries, especially domestic productions and taking advantage of the latest technological phenomena.
2. Adopting ways and methods and strategies to develop the export of domestic products.
3. Support policies in marketing, marketing issues and advertising at the global level.
4. Comprehensive development of technical capabilities and technology.
5. Using methods and the latest educational findings to increase the technical and technological skills of domestic workers.
6. Encouraging domestic entrepreneurs by using innovative techniques and creativity to produce unique products by increasing the quality of products.
7. Reviewing tax policies, export trade restrictions and legal regulations.


In Australia, 6 to 7 percent of the country’s total employees work in the domestic business sector.

Up To Sum

Experience has shown that the development of small businesses has had an impact on balancing the labor market due to its simple structure, quick returns and low need for capital.


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