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What is Guerrilla Marketing?

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

It includes methods in advertising that have a main goal, which is spending the lowest cost and creating ads with high effectiveness and long-term persistence in the mind of the customer. Guerrilla marketing uses new and low-cost methods and creates advertisements mixed with creativity. Therefore, more profitability is obtained for the company in question. Radio and television are mass media, which are not available to everyone for advertising and also big billboards are expensive like radio and television.

Is guerrilla Marketing just a Creative Idea for Advertising?

No! We must be careful that creative advertising is different from guerilla or guerilla marketing.
The main issue in guerilla marketing is the effect of the ads you do on the audience. In this regard, you can use your creative calculation and analysis to increase the effect of your ads on the target community. It is interesting, it is not always necessary to spend a lot of money to create and have more impact on advertising. With simple and transient things, we can engage the conscious or unconscious mind of our audience with the appearance and name of our product.

Who is the Father of Guerrilla Marketing Science?

Konrad Levin-son published Guerrilla Marketing book in 1983 and introduced Guerrilla Marketing. It shows how a small startup with a small budget competes with large commercial companies.

What are the Differences between Traditional and Affinity Marketing?

The strategies of these two marketing are different. Guerrilla marketing insists on:
2.Good relations
Be careful that repetition and imitation do not lead to progress, but also harm the satisfaction of the audience.

What are The Principles of Guerrilla Marketing?

Lack of funds is not a problem in guerilla marketing. We can try and use thinking and creativity to solve the problem of lack of funds by finding creative and effective methods.

There is No Trial and Error:

We should proceed based on statistics, we should not act based on trial and error.

Focus on Existing Customers:

Focusing on existing customers is more important than attracting new customers.

Small and Large Businesses are Alike:

It has the same effect on a small business as it does on a large one.

Profit is Important, not Just Sales

In good guerilla marketing, the profit of the company increases. Therefore, the increase in instantaneous sales of a company is not an indicator of guerrilla marketing evaluation.

Explain the Types of Guerilla Marketing:


To start, the desired advertisement is spread among people in the form of a virus, then this virus spreads in the form of an epidemic in society, like making fun of a business advertisement on a popular site or social network, which becomes a challenge.

Word of Mouth Marketing:

In this very important way, a customer who is satisfied with the services and goods received from your company, shares his experience with at least 12 other people. A satisfied customer acts like an advertising medium for your company. A satisfied customer can force others to buy from your company.

Free Places to Install Ads

Design advertising posters containing creative advertisements and don’t just think of special and expensive places to install them. Anywhere in the city there may be a place to put up your poster or banner.

Environmental Marketing

Connect something in the outdoor space of the city and the outdoor space with the circle of your trade and business, with your company’s brand. For example, a chair on the street in the shape of chocolate with your company’s logo can be a good advertisement for your brand.

In-Person Marketing

We act like environmental marketing, only there is a small difference, we must try to create a closer relationship between the product and potential buyers. We give the feeling of ownership to the customer.

Replacement Method

We can creatively advertise the desired product. The nature of the product and its efficiency are exposed.

Experiential Marketing

We give this opportunity to the customer to experience our product in his environment and life.

Hypothetical Marketing

In addition to daily tasks, we show our products indirectly to the audience, they have to use our products in addition to some tasks.

Advertising on Packaging

We can print our advertising matches and bus tickets on tissue paper packaging or other packaging.

Ambush Marketing

In this type of marketing, a company tries to appear in an event using ambush in front of other advertisements and compete with other advertisements in that event.


Guerrilla marketing has the greatest effect on the customer by using more creativity and effort without spending a lot of money. Increasing profits in small and large companies that have guerrilla marketing is one of the important characteristics.


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