Invoice Document سند invoice

Invoice Document

Invoice Document

The invoice document is one of the documents known as the shipping document in the field of international transportation. In general, shipping documents are documents that exist as goods identification in the process of foreign trade exchanges. Since the information related to the goods is stated in the shipping documents and includes some specialized terms in the field of transportation, their existence is necessary and essential for transportation.
In fact, we should know that without having these documents, it will not be possible for the buyer to clear the goods from customs. Other series of shipping documents include bill of lading, waybill and certificate of origin.

Document: Invoice

Every product that is going to enter our country from abroad will have an invoice document. In this document, the product information, amount and value are stated. According to the international rules of transportation, the preparation of this document is done by the sender or the same seller and then it is adjusted and finalized in the name of the buyer. After preparing this document by the seller, the said document is signed by the relevant official in the seller’s company and sent to the customs. The buyer must present this invoice in the destination country for clearance.

Information Stated in the Invoice Document

First of all, we should know that we do not have a specific and predetermined format and mechanism for setting up the invoice document. In fact, any seller can adjust this document according to his/her personal desire and the content of the goods sent.
But in any case, in any document with this theme, it is necessary to include some information, which we will state below:

• Date
• Number or Serial Number
• Information of the sender or the same seller, which includes company name, address, contact number.
• Information of the recipient or buyer, which includes the name and address of the company that bought the goods and the contact number.
• Customs tariff code (HS code)
• The price of each purchased item
• Total price of goods
• Number of goods
• Description of product specifications
• Line of goods and services

Invoice Document سند invoice
Necessary Information in Invoice Document (N.I.I.D)

Invoice Types

Dividing the invoice into different types depends on the items that are stated in the document. That is, according to the cases in addition to those mentioned above, we are faced with different types of this document:

Invoice Document سند invoice
Types of Invoice (T.I)

In this type of invoice, the exported goods must be approved by the sellers. Because it is in accordance with the contract and there is no prohibition from the country. This document will be signed and approved by the Chamber of Commerce or an official in this field.


At the request of some buyers in the Middle East region, this sample invoice is signed by the embassy or consulate of the destination country, i.e., the buyer’s country, in addition to the chamber of commerce of the country of origin.


The signing of this type of invoice is also done at the request of some buyers. with the difference that it is signed and stamped by the embassies of the seller’s country. This signature is in addition to the signature and approval of the Kesu Chamber of Commerce.

Up To Sum

Without knowing the nature and uses of commercial documents, doing business at the international level will be time-consuming and costly. We need to use relevant documents in this field to carry out various stages of international trade, from concluding a contract to shipping and clearance. The invoice document is one of these important documents that contains the general statement of our purchased goods and the information of the parties. But the same document also has a different nature according to the traded goods and the parties to the contract. Learning different types of this document is essential to face different business situations.


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