Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Personal branding is a series of actions that are taken to highlight and differentiate the personality of a business owner. In this process, the focus is on the external image of the brand and business owner, and an attempt is made to make a charismatic and unique person out of an ordinary person.

Personal Branding Process

A professional manager in personal branding tries to introduce and develop personal characteristics in accordance with the values accepted by people and in society.
We usually remember outstanding people with their merits and abilities in different fields. There are thousands of people working in every field, political, social, economic, business, etc. What drives our mind towards a specific person or people in any field, are the outstanding capabilities and characteristics that distinguish them from others. Therefore, the importance of personal branding here is completely understandable.
For personal branding, it is necessary to answer three basic and important questions:
1. why are we?
2. Why are we considered the best option in this field?
3. What is our distinguishing feature from others?
Answering these questions will make us become a unique personality among millions of system owners, economists, managers, etc., and we will try to improve this monopoly.

Basic Principles in Creating Personal Branding

1. Determining Personal and Work Identity

One of the important principles in the success of a business is to establish close and effective relationships with customers. For this purpose, we must associate the feelings of customers with ourselves and our business. Self-introduction, personal experiences, records, feelings, thoughts and everything that includes our essence and existence can bring the emotions of the audience with us. This companionship will be the basis for creating trust and as a result, the prosperity of our business.
And on the other hand, properly introducing your work path to others will make their needs and expectations clearer to us as a result of the audience’s company with us. By knowing the demands and expectations of the audience in the existing competitive market, we will be more prepared to meet the needs compared to our competitors.

2. Credibility and Work Value

Give value and credibility to your business. Our focus should be on producing and providing goods and services that meet people’s needs in a more favorable way. To look for something that distinguishes us from others; then learn and develop it. In this way, we get the credit that everyone is looking for.

Advantages of Personal Branding

Personal branding is actually a type of special marketing and modern business in which both the brand owner, his employees and customers benefit. In Personal Branding, we introduce ourselves as the only solution to solve the problems faced by people who need us to solve the obstacles and problems they have on their way. In this method, we become the point of reliance and trust of our customers. Within this procedure, by using this lever, we can develop our personal business and become the point of connection between customers and the relevant business.
It is true that there is a business inside our personal branding, but this business differentiates us from other competitors. Because our personal brand has the first word in this process. Therefore, it can lead us to the peak of progress more quickly.
The flow of personal branding provides many opportunities in our progress; because it attracts people with a similar mentality towards us and in this way more practical relationships are formed which will be very effective in our personal and work life.

Important Hints in Personal Branding

1. Voice

The meaning of sound is not just the sound that comes out of the mouth; The voice of a writer is his/her pen, the voice of a painter is his/her art, the voice of a singer is his/her instrument, the voice of a speaker is his/her tone of voice and the way he/she expresses words. Developing these characteristics will leave a mark on you that can be heard anywhere and, in any situation, and will lead the audience’s mind to the special person that you are.

2. Style

A professional manager has his own unique style. It does not mean that he wears stylish or expensive clothes! Even a simple local dress can represent your style.

3. Code of Ethics and Behavior

This item includes the details of your existence and personality. How to greet, shake hands, face different situations, face when angry, friendly behavior, etc. All these things will be a barcode to identify and distinguish you from others.

4. Relationship Circle

In fact, we should know that everyone can be recognized to a large extent by the people with whom they interact and have business or non-business relationships. Usually, people choose those who have at least a similar line of thought to be with them. Therefore, it is very important to take care of our communication circle.

Up To Sum

The category of personal branding is a new and emerging concept and more important than product branding in the field of business. But it’s not as simple as making a personal resume! A personal brand should first represent you as the owner of a brand and business. Therefore, it is very important to give others a reason to differentiate yourself from your peers in various fields.


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