Success and Its Formula

Success and Its Formula

Success and Its Formula

Success becomes very simple if we look at its formula.
Achievement is not your only performance. Of course, this does not mean that we ignore our day-to-day efforts or that we do not encourage ourselves through it. Rather, every effort in itself deserves encouragement regardless of the result. Yes! If you are trying, you should prepare a bouquet for yourself and decorate it with the most beautiful flowers and ribbons and send it to your address. You have achieved individual success or at least you are stealing the semblance of success from the person of yesterday.
Let’s take a broader look at your individual efforts and achievements. Can you call yourself successful because of this?

An example

Remember the story of the skiing champion who had to sit in a wheelchair for a while after an accident and severe injuries.
Day and night efforts and his fighting spirit, along with the support of his family and coach, raised him from the chair and finally returned to the field after a year. The story of his victory should have become famous, many movies should have been written about his life and efforts, and many movies were made of it, but no one had even heard of his name until the day he became the champion of the Russian Winter Olympics. It was there that he lifted the trophy of success and shouted while crying that this victory is really meaningless compared to my victory in a wheelchair.

What is the Formula for Success?

Note that the formula for success is social and not individual. You must have made a sufficient impact on the people and the environment around you. The importance of your performance must be understood by others, the impact of your success must be seen by others to be considered successful. موفقیت حاصل برداشت دیگران از عملکرد ماست و نه برداشت ما از خودمان.. The main thing that should be considered in branding and especially Personal Branding. Hard work and effort are only one variable, only one factor in success. In addition, keep in mind the positive effect on others. The value of the diamond you have hidden in the dark corner of the reservoir will never be known if you do not know how to display it. Enhance your persona and properly introduce and display it.


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