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The Business Model Canvas

The business model canvas is a powerful tool that helps entrepreneurs to design their business comprehensively and efficiently in the best possible way. While the business plan is very important as a business strategy design document. But the business model canvas is actually a simple and practical diagram that allows entrepreneurs to focus on the basic elements of their business and comprehensively determine how to produce, distribute, sell and provide income.

The business model canvas is actually a simple and practical form that entrepreneurs can use to have a comprehensive look at their business. In this diagram, the main elements of the business, including key resources, key activities, supply and customers, cost structure and revenues, are explained in detail and the relationships between them are clearly shown.
In this article, we are going to explain the concepts of the business model by examining the canvas. Then, let’s examine the main components of the business model canvas, its applications and benefits. Finally, we will examine how to design a business model canvas for our business. Also, to read more articles about business organization, you can refer to the articles page.

What is the Business Model Canvas?

The Business Model Canvas is an efficient tool for describing the business canvas that was presented by Alexander Oster alder and Ivy Young in 2008. This model includes 9 key sections that are displayed as one screen. And this tool helps entrepreneurs and business teams to describe and improve their business landscape in a clear and understandable way.
In this model, the focus is on covering all aspects of the business, including products, customers, management, revenue and expenses, and distribution. To use this model, our business team needs to have a large white screen and some pens. In this screen, our team should examine the strengths and weaknesses of their business, introduce their products and services. Also, define your customers and present your distribution and revenue plans.
By using the business model canvas, our team will be able to make the best decisions regarding the expansion of their business and reach better conclusions regarding their desired goals and strategies.
Overall, the Business Model Canvas is a useful tool that can be useful for any type of business. By using this model, companies can improve their business planning and management and make the best decisions to achieve their goals. Besides this, the use of this model can improve the acceptance of the company’s products and services by customers.


9 Components of the Business Model Canvas

1.Segment of the Market

Identifies the target market of the business and helps to develop marketing strategies.

2.Value Proposition

States how the business product or service is presented to its customers and what their needs are.


Determines the ways of distributing business products or services.

4.Customer Relationships

It describes the methods of communicating with customers.


5.Revenue Streams

Identifies the revenues that are obtained from the products or services of the business.

6.Key Resources

Identifies the basic resources for providing business products or services.

7.Key Activities

Describes the main activities of the business.

8.Key Partnerships

Describes the partnerships that the business closes with others to provide resources, products or services.

9.Cost Structure

The costs involved in providing business products or services.

Parts of the Business Model Canvas

1. Customers

Customers play an important role in the business environment, and in the first part, customers should be known. Knowing customers includes details such as age, gender, occupation, social class, preferences, needs and their problems. In this section, the needs and problems of customers should be identified and investigated so that their needs can be met and satisfied by providing appropriate solutions.

2. Product and Service Offerings

In the second part of the business canvas, the products and services offered by the company are identified and described. The description and features of the products and services should be carefully addressed and meet the demands of the customers with more details about the quality, price, added value and benefits of using the products and services.

3. Competitors

Competitors play an important role in the business environment and their knowledge and competition with them should be carefully examined. The differences and advantages and disadvantages of competitors should be addressed and appropriate solutions should be provided to improve the performance of the business environment.

4. Market Conditions

In this section, market conditions, daily developments and external factors that have an impact on the business environment are examined. Market conditions are included.

Steps of Use the Business Model Canvas

First, our company must define its values and goals. Then, in the second step, our company should seek to find employees with the necessary capabilities to create and implement its business strategies. Also, he should try to provide value and opportunities to his team so that they have more mobility in line with the company’s goals.
In the next step, our company should look for ways to create and increase our sales. For example, it can think about advertising more in different media, improving the customer experience, increasing communication with customers and improving the quality of its products and services.
In the last step, our company should try to reach its maximum values and surpass the competition and show its innovations. Also think about improving your processes to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve the quality of your products and services.

Why Should We have a Business Model Canvas?

Having a business model canvas is very important for any business. Because the business model canvas helps businesses to identify market opportunities and threats, improve business processes, predict profits and losses, and determine business improvement strategies to achieve desired goals. he does. The business model canvas also helps the business. To clearly explain to his customers and investors how his business works and generates income.

In summary, having a business model canvas helps the business to:

•Improving business processes

•Identify market opportunities and threats

•Prediction of profit and loss

•Determining business improvement strategies

•Better explanation to customers and investors

•Achieving desired goals

Up to Sum

Business canvas is a conceptual model that includes all the aspects that a company should pay attention to in order to grow and develop. To design and implement a successful business environment, the company should pay attention to the analysis of the environment, determining the appropriate goals and strategies, the appropriate team, the methods of increasing sales and productivity, and improving the quality of its products and services. By using the business canvas, the company can improve its growth and progress and be successful in competing with other companies. Stay with the specialists of Uprodemy website to get business advice and international trade.


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