Types of Business Models انواع بیزینس مدل

Types of Business Models

Types of business models and its recognition is one of the key concepts in the field of business, which is very important for any business. Business model, in short, is about describing how to make money and generate value for customers and other stakeholders. This market model specifies the definition of products and services, and interactions with customers, as well as costs and profitability.
Using a suitable business model helps the business to respond to the market in the best possible way and initiate growth and development. Therefore, in this article, we will examine different types of business models so that we can choose the best types of business models for our business. Also, to read more articles about business organization, you can refer to the articles page.

Types of Business Models

A road map for expanding the business and analyzing all its aspects is known. But what constitutes a good business model? And how can it be used for business development?
Business model defines how a business works to achieve a specific goal. This model can be prepared in the form of a diagram, a table, or a document. Most businesses use a business model to better understand what products or services to offer, what customer groups to serve, how to market, how to create value, and ultimately how to make a profit.
To begin with, we need to learn more about our type of business. This includes knowing the products and services, the type of product, the type of market, the type of competition, and other aspects of the business. Then we have to look for a solution for the issues related to our business. One of the advantages of various business models is that by using it, we can reach a balance point in interacting with our customers, market, and products. This advantage has caused many companies and businesses to link their business model with their goals and strategies.

Types of Business Models, 5 Commonly Used Items انواع بیزینس مدل 5 مورد پرکاربرد آن
Types of Business Models

In this article, several popular and effective business models have been investigated:

1. Types of Business Models: Direct Sales Model

In this model, the business sells its products directly to customers and receives its income from the sale of products. Many direct selling companies sell their products directly to their customers and receive their income from selling products to customers instead of selling to retail stores. For example, the foreign company Herbalife uses this model.

2. Advertising Model

In this model, the business earns its revenue from the ads it places on its site, blog, or app. For example, Google and Facebook use this model. This model is mostly used in news sites, websites, and social networks. For example, Google uses this model.

3. Subscription Model

In this type of business model, customers pay a monthly amount to the business owner to use services or products. In this model, customers pay a monthly or yearly fee to access the services that the business provides. Many media and service companies use this model. For example, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime use this model.

4. Retail Model

In this model, the business sells its products to customers through one store or several stores and provides its income from the sale of these products. This model is commonly used in industries such as home appliances, clothes, shoes and food. Many companies that have physical products use this model. For example, Apple, Samsung, and Nike companies use this model.

5. Marketplace Model

In this model, the business acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers and earns its income from the fees it receives for this service. For example, eBay, Amazon and Uber use this model.

6. Sharing Economy Model

In this model, the company shares its resources with other people to provide services. These companies act mostly as intermediaries between the people who use the shared resources and the owners of the resources. For example, Airbnb uses this model.

Types of Business Models, 5 Commonly Used Items انواع بیزینس مدل و 5 مورد پرکاربرد آن
Sharing Economy Model

7. Factory Sales Model (Wholesale Model)

In this type of business model, the business sells its products wholesale to sellers and retail stores and receives its income from selling products to these sellers. Many companies that have physical products use this model. For example, LG and Sony companies use this model.

Therefore, the business model includes all aspects of the business, including the definition of the product or service, turnover, market, and type of competition. By choosing the right business model for our business, we can achieve more productivity, reduce costs, and increase income. Therefore, before starting a new business, it is better to do a detailed review of different business models and choose the right model for your business.

Up to Sum

Finally, choosing the best type of business model for our business requires a detailed knowledge of products, markets, customers and competitors. To choose the best types of business models, you need a detailed and stable analysis so that you can choose the best option. By using a correct business model, we can move towards the growth and development of our business with better confidence and assurance. Also, our business model may need to change over time and adapt to new conditions. Anyway, we can guide our business in the path of growth and development towards success by using these types of business models. I hope this explanation was useful for you. Stay with the specialists of Uprodemy website to get business advice and international trade.


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