What is sales? فروش چیست؟

What is Sales?

What is sales? Sales is an important need for any business that wants to offer its products or services to the community. There is a certain science behind being an effective salesperson and the sales approach is always changing. It’s important for sales professionals to hone their skills and techniques to stay ahead of the game. This issue requires full knowledge of sales and its process, which we will explain in detail below. Also, to read more articles about business organization, you can refer to the articles page.

What is Sales and Who is the Seller?

Selling is a process that includes all the activities that a business does to sell its products and services. There are several parties involved in the sales process and they are as follows:

Buyer: This is a person who wants to buy or benefit from a service.

Seller: It is a person who wants to sell products or services.

Product and Service: It is a product or service that makes the buyer and the seller need each other.

Sales Process: The activities a company or business performs to make a sale.

Sales Staff: A company’s sales staff approach people who are interested in buying a product or service and make contact. These interested people may have contacted us on social media, liked our offer, downloaded our information or visited our website.

The purpose of the call is to follow up with someone who is likely to be our target market and they will purchase our product or service. A sale is the completion of a transaction, and it is not complete without completing the transaction.

Terms of Sale

What are the common terms for sales? Here are some of them.

What is Sales and Who is the Seller? فروش چیست و فروشنده کیست؟
Terms of Sales

Sales Associate

Sales associate goes by many names such as sales representative, retailer or dealer. This is the person who performs all operations related to the sale of products or services.

Sales Prospect

Prospecting is the stage where a company’s sales associate makes a call to sell a product or service. This technique can be in the form of email, call, email alert or social media contacts. If any of the callers show interest in the company’s product, sales associates use various sales methods to convert potential customers into actual customers.

Initial Contact

This is when a caller requests a meeting or call from a potential customer who has not previously had any sales experience with any of the company’s salespeople.This type of call is in the category of telemarketing or door-to-door visits.This marketing term is one of the old forms of marketing techniques.

Cross Selling

Cross-selling is when the seller offers more products to the customer after purchase. In other words, it is the process of persuading an existing customer to spend more money on other related products. The most common example of cross-selling can be seen in online stores, where they offer items that are purchased together. Customers who bought this item also bought that item.

Sales Process Line

The sales process line means a visual representation of all the steps involved in the sales process. This helps sales associates see and understand the model where prospects are in the sales cycle.

What is Sales and Who is the Seller? فروش چیست و فروشنده کیست؟
Sales Process Line

Definition of Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are completely different things and involve different processes. The functioning of the activists involved in marketing is as follows.

•Producing, developing and providing some valuable products or services to customers.

•When the product is ready, they talk about it with their prospects and customers.

•If customers like the product, they will buy it.

•Here they deliver the same product as they have provided.

Sales, on the other hand, is the process of dealing and selling our products and services to our potential customers. And selling is a small part of the whole marketing process.

Sales vs Business Development

Business development means building a long-term business relationship with our target market and potential customers. In other words, this is the long-term growth trend of our business. And this subject includes the following activities.

•Establish, develop and maintain long-term relationship with the company’s stakeholders, potential customers as well as the market.

•Finding new opportunities in marketing and working on them.

•Using all available opportunities and trying to close as many deals as possible.

Sales, in the context of business development, is the process of dealing with potential customers and trying to get the most out of them.

The Importance of Sales

The success of any organization, business or company depends on its sales department, because it is the only unit of the organization that generates cash and money and brings it to the table.The importance of sales is as follows:

Business Growth

If sales associates execute sales well and close more deals over and over again, the business will continue to grow. When the business has more money, it expands its business operations and growth continues.

Keeping Customers

If sales associates are polite, social, and kind, they will attract and retain more people. Customers tend to like sellers who provide detailed information about what they are looking for rather than focusing on selling their products.


Marketing and advertising attract customers to the company’s product or service and then make them demand it. Sales is the end of the marketing funnel that converts potential customers into actual customers.
Selling bridges, the gap between customers and the company through a product that can meet their needs. Most salespeople are dealing with potential customers who are already aware of the products they are offering.

Up to Sum

Every company needs new business and organizations use different techniques to win that new business. Some rely on their marketing teams, some rely on their sales teams. In this article, we discussed the question of what sales is and its importance for a business or company. After that we have to choose what kind of selling is suitable for our business, then apply it carefully and then we will see the effect. Stay with the specialists of Uprodemy website to get business advice and international trade.



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