Advertising Strategy استراتژی تبلیغات

Advertising Strategy

Advertising Strategy

The advertising strategy is actually a way for the products and goods presented by us to find their special place and move forward among various and sometimes efficient advertisements. In other words, the sales success of a brand can be considered to a large extent influenced by the methods and advertising strategy of that brand.
An efficient and effective advertising strategy is to be able to indirectly force the target customer to buy the goods and use our services with its implementation tricks.

Advertising Strategy Components

As mentioned, business strategy is a way to attract potential customers and convert them into actual customers. To provide a more precise definition of this concept, we need to examine various factors and components:

1. Accurate Knowledge of Products and Services

First of all, in order to design a suitable and fruitful advertising strategy, we must achieve a complete understanding of the various dimensions of the products and services offered. In this regard, it is possible to know what and the position of goods and services, competitive advantages, its existential differences with similar examples in the market and how to present it.

2. Audience

Knowing the target audience and customers is an important factor for designing a strong and reliable strategy; Because advertisements should be explained according to the gender, age, position and taste of the target customer. Without a complete understanding of the customer, the design of our advertising strategy will fail. By fully understanding our target community, identifying potential audiences and even those who will stop using the goods and services provided by us after the necessary investigations, we can use the best method in providing our goods and services.

3. Proper Targeting

Determining whether our advertising goal is to achieve short-term or long-term profit will guide us in choosing the right strategy. Advertising at the wrong times can waste all our efforts. If we are looking to achieve long-term goals, we must do our advertising with specific time frames, especially during peak demand and according to the budget and resources at our disposal.

Advertising Strategy استراتژی تبلیغات
Proper Targeting (P.T)

4. Identification of the Advertising Platform

Choosing an advertising portal and platform and creating coordination between them is one of the other components of advertising. It seems to be the best place to present advertisements in virtual space and mass media. But this means that the use of traditional methods of advertising, such as printing leaflets and banners, sending SMS, etc., have completely lost their effectiveness. In order to strengthen the work of advertising, we need to establish coordination between different platforms for the delivery of advertisements. Using different platforms reduces regional restrictions to reach more customers.

5. Market Analysis and Evaluation

Analyzing and evaluating the process is necessary both before the start of advertising to predict the best strategy and during the advertising process. To implement the best strategy, we must have a correct analysis of the market conditions and the performance of our competitors. Evaluating your promotional activities while doing them will show us the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the existing disadvantages and advantages.

Types of Advertising in Advertising Strategy

In the past, we used to advertise only in the form of pop-up ads on TV. But today, due to the formation of different platforms in the virtual space, we have a wider range of advertisements in this area.
In addition, the desire to do video ads or even display images is much more than the ads that rely on an ordinary photo.

Advertising Strategy استراتژی تبلیغات
Advertising Strategy in Virtual Spaces (A.S.V.S)

Up To Sum

Effective and planned advertising will help our business grow. But the important thing in this field is to formulate a suitable and defensible strategy in this field. For this purpose, it will be effective to examine and use various components such as target audience identification, market analysis and evaluation, correct targeting, etc.


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