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Food Export

Food Export

Export of food products is brought up because due to population growth in most countries, the need for food products is felt more than ever before. On the other hand, due to the difference in the climatic conditions of different countries, it is not possible to produce all food products centrally in one country; Therefore, countries have entered the field of import and export of such products. Iran is one of the countries that, due to its four seasons and the climatic conditions in different parts, exports millions of tons of its products in the field of summer crops, grains and fisheries to neighboring countries every year.

Important Factors in Food Exports

Food export should be based on some important factors. Factors such as packaging, transportation, storage techniques, paying attention to eating habits and the purchasing power of people in the market of the target countries, all should be considered and evaluated in food exports. In the following, we will examine two important factors in export:

1. Packaging

All aspects of the product’s health and freshness should be measured in the packaging. Also, the packaging should represent Iranian identity and culture to other countries of the world. Part of the costs related to goods and product marketing is related to the packaging of export products. Usually, the percentage of packaging in the finished product cost is 10 to 15%. But in Iran, this percentage will be as high as 35-50%.
The features that a good package should have are as follows:
According to the rules requested by each market
Proper notification
The ability to gain trust
creativity and innovation

2. Transportation

In the export of food, we face two categories: perishable and non-perishable. non-perishable foods, not in the strict sense of the word, which means reducing their quality; It means that some food items lose their quality after some time. This period can be several hours in some foods; Like fisheries and vegetables and in others a few days; Like dairy. Airlines are used to transport the first category of food and refrigerated vans and trucks are used to move the second category of food.

Food Export صادرات مواد غذایی
Packaging Food (P.F)

Exported Food

Foods that can be exported are divided into two categories: raw and processed. These products can include dry products such as nuts and dried fruits and saffron, perishable foods such as milk, seafood such as fish and caviar, and agricultural products and cereals such as various fruits and peas and beans. Currently, America is known as the largest country in the field of exports, whose exports are mostly in the field of perishable products and grains.

Food Export صادرات مواد غذایی
Export of Food (E.F)

Food Export Steps

Today, due to the profitability of food exports, the desire to carry out such exports has become stronger. But before any action, it is better to get acquainted with the export hierarchy. Familiarity with export laws and regulations in the target country is at the top of every action. To do an international business, it is necessary to be aware of the domestic laws and regulations of the target country. After getting to know the rules, we will seek to choose the best market for our products. It will be possible to select the target market through marketing and recognizing market opportunities in different countries and market research.
After choosing the target market, we also seek to obtain the necessary licenses for export, the most important of which are the export license and the license of the Ministry of Health, Food and Drug. The next step is the product pricing and packaging.
In carrying out the packing process, we act according to what was said above, and in the pricing discussion, you can also refer to the article on the pricing of export goods. Finally, we will conclude a contract with the transport company and send the goods.

Up To Sum

Today, food exports have been growing due to the increase in population growth in the world. There are many precise and sensitive considerations in exporting food, some of which we mentioned in this article. Familiarity with global markets and choosing the best market for exporting products in accordance with our production capacity and the needs of countries, requires strong market research and regular and accurate export business plans.



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