Overcome Fear Negotiation غلبه بر ترس مذاکره

Overcome the Fear of Negotiation

Overcome the Fear of Negotiation

Overcome the fear of negotiation in the future of business and life of every person is significant. Just apply to be successful. Negotiation means to talk about something. The future belongs to the petitioners. The more you ask and the better negotiator you are, the more successful you will be in asking for more pay, better conditions, and whatever else you need. Don’t worry about negative answers and just ask. The fear of asking or negotiating goes back to childhood. People who did not enjoy unconditional love and affection as a child do not have enough self-esteem and lack self-confidence to hear the answer no! Or fear rejection. The more you request, the better negotiator you become and the more likely you are to succeed.

How to Apply

1. With Good Humor
2. Please
3. Polite
4. If necessary, request firmly.
5.Ask clearly.

The key to success is negotiation. The better you negotiate, the more successful you will be. Every person has different goals in life that need negotiation to achieve their goals.

Importance of Negotiation

It is a fact that you are negotiating with many people every day and the importance of negotiation on your social and personal life is clear. The goal of today’s human is progress, and this is achieved by knowing negotiation techniques.

Ways to Deal with the Fear of Negotiation

The goal of negotiation is to create better conditions, but the fear of negotiation has the opposite result. By observing a few things, you can overcome the fear of negotiation.

1. Don’t Take it Hard

It is better that the negotiation process is not complicated and difficult. Skip everything that is simple and small. According to Albert Einstein: “Simplify things as much as you can, but not simpler than they are.”

2. Be Ready

Prepare yourself before attending the meeting. In fact, it is better to have a plan to achieve the goals you are considering in the negotiation. You may think that planning will not help, but you are more relaxed. In general, the more prepared you are before the negotiation, the negotiation will be better.

3. Talking Less

If you are afraid to speak, it is better to listen well in negotiation. What professional negotiators do is to listen well first? So, act professionally. Listen to other people’s views and understand what they mean and want. Now you can better end the negotiation in your favor.

4. Specify the Red Line

Define your red lines before negotiating and don’t cross your red line to have a successful negotiation.

5. Be Prepared for the worst Possibilities

The probability of worst outcomes in negotiations is low, but it exists. Be prepared for the worst negotiation outcomes and check all aspects of the outcome so you don’t get surprised.

6. Practice Negotiating

People who are introverts may be afraid of unfamiliar situations. One of the great ways to deal with anxiety is to practice and prepare. Practice negotiating with an acquaintance or family member and review the various issues that may arise during the negotiation process.

7. Request to Make Changes in the Contract

To have a better deal, just ask for a better price or conditions. Take advantage of discounts and privileges in the original contract.

8. You Deserve Better Conditions

Act with self-respect. People with low self-confidence work for less profit than they can actually earn. So, it is better to negotiate with confidence for better conditions.

9.Fear of a Negative Answer

Regardless of the negative answers, continue with your requests and eventually your fear will disappear. You have succeeded in facing the fear with the help of “regular desensitization” and repeating it until the fear disappears. Fear is a habit and you can replace it with courage.

Up To Sum

It can always be better than it is. Just apply, negotiate and succeed. Turn fear into courage through practice and repetition.


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