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Product Packaging

Product Packaging

Product packaging has a responsibility beyond the protection and maintenance of the product. Packaging is the company’s identity card and it is the first encounter of the customer with it.
Therefore, it plays a significant role in the sale of our products and encourages the customer to buy the product. Proper packaging allows customers to buy the products they need more easily. It will also be effective in conveying information about the product.
Important Points in Packaging

1. Creativity

Idealization and creativity in product packaging design can be considered as a competitive advantage. This creativity can make our products stand out among thousands of similar products and give it value. This creativity can be in the field of special colors, the use of packages with attractive designs, or even writing on the packaging of goods. In any case, this point should not be forgotten that in product packaging, it is essential to pay attention to the nature of the business and the packaging according to it.

2. Choosing the Right Font and Color

In choosing the color of the packaging, the harmony between the product and the color must be maintained. Using illegible fonts and lines that are difficult for customers to recognize can seriously damage our sales. Also, there should be harmony in choosing the color of the writing with the color of the packaging. For example, the simultaneous use of green and yellow as the color of the packaging template and the color of the text reduces the readability.

3. Attention to Detail

Details can always put us one step ahead of other competitors in selling the product. Observing details such as the appropriate size of the product and the box, using different fonts in each part of the package, and even designing the packaging according to the appearance of the product can help maintain our position among customers.

Product Packaging بسته بندی محصولات
Attention to Details (A.D)

4. Compatibility with the Environment

Manufacturers usually use disposable plastics for packaging their products due to lowering production costs. But unfortunately, disposable plastics have low degradability in nature. Studies show that 75% of people are more willing to buy products with higher recyclability. This statistic shows that the use of recyclable materials in the design of product packaging will attract more customers, especially those who are pro-environment.

5. Language on the Packaging

In choosing the language and the way of writing and spelling the words, we must pay the utmost attention and care. Products that are written incorrectly in terms of grammar will cause the consumer to distrust and refuse to buy that product.

6. Pictures

The images we use on the packaging must match the content inside the packaging. In addition, the overview of the images should encourage the customer to buy the product. Therefore, to take quality photos of the product, we must spend enough time and attention and not pass it by as trivial issue.

Product Packaging بسته بندی محصولات
Product Packaging (P.P)
7. Easy to Use Packaging

The packaging should be easy to use and open. Customers avoid choosing products that take time to open. It is even better to teach customers how to open the package.

8. Simplicity of Packaging

Let’s not forget that beauty is in simplicity. The simpler and more attractive our packaging is, the more sales points it will earn. Therefore, it is better to avoid choosing packaging with busy designs and focus more on its quality.

9. Honesty in Packaging

This factor means that we should not exaggerate in promoting and introducing products. We present in the packaging the same thing that we actually produced. Using images on the packaging that actually have the slightest resemblance to the product inside will cause disappointment and regret to the customer. As a result, we are the ones who fail in the competitive market and we will have a poor performance.

10. Branding

Designing the packaging according to the product brand is another positive point in terms of packaging. As we mentioned earlier, packaging is actually the company’s identity card. The design of the packaging according to the brand under which we produce the product can be a characteristic and identity card representing us and our products. Therefore, it will be fruitful in the matter of branding.

Up To Sum

Packaging is the first point that the customer faces and is forced to buy the product. Part of the advertising activities will also include the appropriate packaging of the products. Therefore, it should not be taken lightly. Sufficient care and attention and observing the points can distinguish the product among similar products available on the shelf of a store.


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