Business Ideas ایده های کسب و کار

Business Ideas

Business Ideas

Business ideas are the key to creativity and innovation. A business cannot be started without an idea. Note that ideation alone does not create a business. Many factors are involved in this process. The idea is a golden point in business formation. In other words, an idea is a creative solution to a specific problem. All of us are generating ideas to solve issues and problems without being aware of it.
For example, when a person uses a bicycle to save Gasoline cost. The concept of an idea can be as simple as that or include an innovative invention. The common point in all ideation is to solve the problem with a creative solution.

Business Thoughts

It is a set of mental emanations that make money from a regular activity to provide services and products. Some believe that the idea itself is not important. Because they believe that the implementation of an idea only needs investment, and if someone invests based on his ideas, he will succeed. But it must be said that business ideas must be able to generate wealth. It means that he can implement an idea by knowing the necessary materials and estimating the amount of capital and earn wealth.

Business Ideas ایده های کسب و کار
Business Thoughts (B.T)

Idea Generation Method

Ideas are the key to constructive human interaction with the environment. Idea generation is the result of creativity, acumen, self-confidence and experience. The concept of idea in entrepreneurship means solving a problem in an innovative and profitable way.
Ideas are the result of sharp vision in interaction with the environment and individual creativity. Part of idea creation is related to people’s intelligence and talent, and another part originates from their knowledge. Idea people are known as self-confident people.
Strengthening self-confidence can increase the ability to generate ideas. Of course, this self-confidence will be constructive if it is the result of acquiring knowledge in the path of talent. These people have recognized their talent and have worked tirelessly towards it. If we pursue our passions seriously and diligently, we can make a difference.
Ideation is a kind of mental image that is presented as a result of an effective step for growth and progress from the current situation. For our ideas to be effective, we need to strengthen our minds every moment. Those who work in the field of ideas are people who have talent, intelligence, creativity and people with high self-confidence.

Characteristics of a Good Idea

1. Innovation

Innovation plays a major role in product production and supply. This innovation can be in the form of producing a new product or developing existing products. As businesses focus on innovation, the research and development costs of companies increase sharply. This allows the organization to lead the market with a direct and strong position.

2. To Be Unique

To be unique, we need to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Our unique selling proposition differentiates us from our competitors. For example, when we sell a product with better materials and higher quality or at a lower price; That is, we created a difference between ourselves and our competitors. This is our unique selling proposition that makes our idea unique. It also allows us to compete with other players in the industry.

3. Problem Solving

When a person feels a need, he/she tries to facilitate it. There is no business unless there is a need. These businesses are considered entrepreneurial ideas that solve the problem. This issue may have appeared as a need or a problem, such as the Corona crisis, or it may be a hidden need, such as the addition of a camera to mobile phones, which was not a problem or an obvious need for anyone, but after the supply, it turned from a hidden need into an obvious need.

Business Ideas ایده های کسب و کار
Problem Solving (P.S)
4. Profitability

Another feature of an entrepreneurial idea is the possibility of profitability and economic efficiency. An entrepreneurial idea must have acceptable profitability and scalability. If the idea has a good potential in maintaining efficiency, innovation and also long-term profitability, it is approved in terms of the possibility of profitability.

Up To Sum

The difference between humans and the rest of the creatures on earth is the ability to reason and think. Animals and plants can only adapt to the environment as much as possible and with a limited instinctive reaction. But by making tools, humans can overcome environmental challenges and use them to their advantage. Ideas can create value in a complex world and transform from complexity to profitability. A profitable and valuable idea doesn’t happen by chance, but it is created with a lot of study and experience.


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