Customer Engagement Strategy استراتژی تعامل با مشتری

Customer Engagement Strategy

Customer Engagement Strategy

Customer engagement strategy is a written and targeted plan for every team and official who interacts with business customers. The interaction strategy includes the entire period of time from the customer’s entry into our business until the completion of the purchase process and his exit from the company.

This strategy, along with the emergence and growth of more products, leads to the strengthening of the discussion of competitive differentiation in the target market of the products. Among the different forms of similar products, our product will be noticed and purchased by the customer, on the one hand, it depends on the appearance and design of the product, and on the other and more important, it depends on creating an excellent plan of customer interaction strategy.

Customer Interaction

Proper interaction with the customer and creating a sense of loyalty in him is effective in creating repeated and continuous business. These positive interactions with the customer lead to the formation of a positive experience in him/her and increase his/her enthusiasm for our business and the purchase of our products.
Designing strategic strategies in this field will turn potential customers into actual and loyal customers.The important point in this regard is that the customer should not get the impression that the purpose of this interaction is only to force the purchase of the product. Rather, he/she should fully feel the intimacy and friendliness of the interaction. In this way, it is attracted to our business and brand.

The start and end time of interaction with the customer usually starts from the first contact and communication with him/her and ends after the completion of the purchase process. But in order to establish the best interaction, it is necessary that this relationship continues after the end of the purchase, in the form of after-sales service.
At the same time, setting up a strategic plan for customer interaction, such as marketing teams, sales, support, and even the product production team, we should consider all the teams that interact with customers in our collection. The purpose of developing and designing such a strategy is to establish deeper and friendlier relationships, gain and increase customer satisfaction, support and retain customers, and increase their number.

Customer Engagement Strategy استراتژی تعامل با مشتری
Customer Engagement Strategy (C.E.S)

Benefits of Customer Engagement Strategy

Man is a social creature by nature and he/she has to communicate with others to meet his/her personal and social needs. In this regard, designing a customer interaction strategy, in addition to creating positive and friendly feelings between the parties, also includes commercial and financial benefits.

1. Competitive Advantage

In the competitive environment in the target market where there are similar businesses offering similar products and services, the only factor that can differentiate a business from similar businesses is how to interact with customers and design a superior strategy to interact with it is them

2. Durability in the Mind of the Audience

When we continuously interact with customers, we remind them of our product and the customer gets to know the benefits of our product many times. As a result, our product is the first option he/she considers when buying.

3. Trust Building

The trust factor is one of the most important and vital factors for the stability and survival of a business. When we have constructive interactions with customers, this shows that we have taken our focus off ourselves and focused on customers and their demands. Therefore, his/her trust in our brand and business is provided.

4. Increasing the Ability to Retain Customers and Prevent Churn

Retaining and increasing customers will result in maximum profit. Continuous interactions with customers and involving them with their products will prevent them from dropping out and identify more of their needs and desires and try to solve them.

Customer Engagement Strategy استراتژی تعامل با مشتری
Retain Customers (R.C)
5. Brand Sponsors

Establishing positive interactions and proper and friendly dealings with customers makes customers not only loyal to our brand, but also introduce our brand to their friends and acquaintances.

Customer Interaction Methods

1. Using Support Tools

Support by modern and attractive tools includes the best and highest level of support. Most of these tools provide both phone and video calls. Some also allow the seller to access the customer’s current location online.

2. Communicating Online

The active presence of our business in cyberspace can be considered a winning point for our brand and business. In this way, we can meet the needs of our customers, attract new customers and have access to active customers. We can also learn about the constructive opinions of our customers through the interactions of virtual space.

Customer Interaction Strategy استراتژی تعامل با مشتری
Customer Club
3. Creating a Customer Club

By setting up such a portal, both customers can communicate with us and our relationship with them is maintained.

4. Strengthening Social Etiquette

Learning etiquette and how to deal with customers is very important in keeping them. Customers avoid businesses whose employees behave inappropriately and unfriendly. Therefore, learning these manners and teaching them to the employees of the collection will be effective in the adherence of customers.

Up To Sum

It will be possible to create sustainable interactions with customers by designing and formulating a customer interaction strategy. Because as part of this strategy, we examine all aspects of our organization and we examine, evaluate and institutionalize interactions with customers among all active teams in the complex. To achieve such positive and constructive interactions, we need to observe the use of some principles and methods; Such as strengthening social etiquette, active presence in virtual space and social networks, etc.
In the end, let’s remember that maintaining and gaining customer satisfaction is an important and fundamental factor for maintaining the life of our business.


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