Selling Ideas ایده های فروش

Selling Ideas

Selling Ideas

Selling ideas are one of the most effective ideas for increasing sales, which can change the path of our success by attracting customers to cooperate in sales. We must know where and how to use ideas.
Until recently, people thought that sales were an innate talent. Anyone who has this talent is successful in business and anyone who does not have this talent should close the business. But now we know, selling is not an innate talent, it is an acquired skill. Someone who succeeds in selling skills or can actually come up with a few ideas becomes a less competitive salesperson.

Creative Ideas for Selling

1. Using Content Marketing and Social media

Today, people spend a lot of time on social networks or cyberspace. Congestion of cities, little opportunity, too much busyness has made a significant number of people prefer internet shopping to face-to-face shopping. For this reason, investing in online sales can be an important factor for success and an idea for more sales.
Social networks are the best idea. Content creation is not just writing text. Content production can be in the form of photos, videos, info graphics, etc. The best platform to be able to share this content model with our customers is social networks. We can use these free platforms to publish content by choosing two popular social networks.

2. Customer Recognition and Audience Identification

Knowing the customers is one of the best options to increase sales. We need to know the age of our audience. How much do they spend to buy our product? Reaching these questions and answers can help us to better design a strategy to achieve more sales.

3. Gaining the Trust of Customers

Gaining the trust of customers is not an easy task. We have to find a way to win the trust of customers. If we can find a good idea to sell but fail to win the trust of customers, we will not be able to sell.

4. Test Before Purchase for the Product

Product testing is one of the best ideas for more sales. There are some products that cannot be tested, on the other hand, there are many products that allow the customer to test the product before buying it. Testing the product before buying makes the customer trust us and our product more. Sometimes customers are hesitant to buy a product. Testing the product eliminates hesitation and encourages the customer to buy the product.

Selling Ideas ایده های فروش

5. Ignoring Positive Comments

We may think that a creative way and a great idea for more sales is to rely on positive customer reviews. But this is not so. If our products only have positive reviews, it will lose the trust of new customers. There is no product that everyone is happy with. Let’s try to see negative comments next to positive comments, but always weigh the bottom of the scale towards positive comments.

6. Product Guarantee and Easy Return of Goods

We must be able to guarantee the quality of our product, so that we can attract the customer’s opinion. Use quality products to guarantee the price more easily. Do not choose difficult ways to return the product or replace it if needed. Price guarantees make customers feel valued and become loyal customers.

7. Effective Communication with Customers

It is important to be well-spoken and to have good communication skills for negotiation. Consider for ourselves signs that can help us remember regular customers or those who make more purchases. This helps us to convey a good feeling to the customer.

8. Sales Through Customers or Cooperation in Sales

One of the best effective ways to increase sales is to use customers to sell products. This cooperation in sales, although they are usually sold in bulk, but they were included in the list of important options for finding ideas for sales.

9. Special Auctions and Discounts

There are occasions in our country’s calendar that encourage people to buy gifts. We can offer discounts for these occasions. Although this method is temporary, we get more profit in a period of time.

Selling Ideas
Occasional Auctions & Discounts (O.A.D)

10. Giving Gifts and Prizes or Holding Competitions

If we have an active page as an idea to sell, we can hold contests and consider prizes in the form of products or discounts. We can invite people to accompany and participate in the sale. Consider gifts or discounts for a person through whom another person got acquainted with our business.

11. Creating a Sense of Urgency by Limiting Shopping Time

Some products are seasonal and others have a limited number, but we need a time limit for regular products as well. The created limitation can bring a discount or special sale. This limitation creates a sense of urgency in the audience and encourages them to buy.

12. Points for Special Purchases

For products that have little demand, we can use the special selling method. Help sell the product by applying a discount considering the limited time period or exaggerating the benefits of the product.

13. Discount for a Special Group

On occasions, we can use a group discount instead of an occasion discount. For example, let’s give a special discount for teachers near Teacher’s Day.

14. Buy Bun or Free Shipping

Consider a purchase limit that is neither too low nor too high. For those who exceed this limit, we can offer benefits such as a discount on your next purchase or free shipping.

Up To Sum

In this article, we tried to review the best, most common, and most effective items that can be ideas for more sales. There isn’t just one way to make a sale. We can combine several ways to achieve the desired result. Be patient in this way. Patience and effort will finally give us the desired result.


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