Entrepreneur کار آفرین



An entrepreneur is a person who has high creativity, courage to do different things and high risk taking. Such a person acts in the field of business in such a way that the life becomes out of monotony even for other people. It means doing things differently and establishing a new style of business.
We can examine the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs in two dimensions. One dimension is related to personality traits such as problem solving skills and how to deal with existing risk conditions, and the other dimension is related to his/her managerial and technical abilities. A successful entrepreneur must reach perfection in both areas and strengthen both dimensions.

The Exact Meaning of Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a person who, relying on his creativity and ability to take risks, either starts a new business, or changes and organizes an old business in a new way. The entrepreneur has the courage to create and process new ideas and provides the possibility for others to move in the direction of their ideas and gives them the opportunity of a different goal setting and a new life. The presence of the entrepreneur will also be effective in the business market, the economic world, and even in the global market.

Types of Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur can do entrepreneurship in different areas according to his/her abilities, personal interests, position and facilities. Here are some of these areas:

1. Business Area

Entrepreneurs in business are known as retailers, brokers and sales intermediaries. In the field of export and import, these people purchase and procure various items from domestic and foreign producers and then sell them directly and indirectly.

2. Agricultural Area

Agriculture is one of the main areas where the way is open for entrepreneurs and applying creative ideas. By relying on their creative ideas, entrepreneurs can increase the level of production and export products in various sectors of this industry such as planting, irrigation, harvesting and other issues related to this field. An agricultural entrepreneur, using his/her creativity, can make positive and major changes in this field, which will make the agricultural work routine out of the usual and stereotyped state.

3. Private Entrepreneurship

It is a situation where entrepreneurs start a new business without government support and relying on personal conditions, facilities and skills.

4. General Entrepreneurship

In general entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs start a business with government support and facilities they receive from the government. In this type of entrepreneurship, despite the fact that the process of doing work goes faster, but entrepreneurs face some limitations and challenges caused by laws and regulations.

Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneur کارآفرین
1. The Spirit of Pursuit and Creativity

Having such a spirit is one of the requirements of a successful entrepreneur. To be persistent is to follow and find an opportunity for growth and development in the field of business.
Creativity also happens when we put all our mental ideas on paper, then try to use them in a creative way to create or develop our business. Successful entrepreneurs always have new and creative ideas in their minds, and this feature is the difference between an ordinary person and a successful entrepreneur.

2. Risk Taking

It means that successful entrepreneurs are always ready to penetrate into unknown situations. This does not mean that entering any unknown situation is the key to the success of these businesses. Taking risks will lead to success and progress when we can plan carefully for unknown situations.

3. Effective Networking

The communication range of a successful entrepreneur is not limited to family, relatives and friends. They are looking for networking and creating a strong and solid network of successful people and consultants for the development of their business.

Entrepreneur کارآفرین
4. Competitive Spirit

Competition and the existence of competitors, despite the negative image that comes to mind in the first place, can lead to the development of business. This spirit helps the entrepreneur to keep an eye on his/her competitors as he/she confidently continues on his/her path so that he/she can strengthen his/her creativity and performance by taking advantage of their strengths and weaknesses.

5. Flexibility

Creating a business, especially a new and creative business, comes with many challenges. People on the path of progress may face many unknown situations that even lead to a change of strategy. Dealing with such situations requires an open mind and flexibility.

6. Optimism

Being optimistic does not mean that we are sure that we will never face failure or challenge. Rather, a successful entrepreneur is someone who believes in his/her path and the effectiveness of his /her actions in order to reach the goal, and is always hopeful.

Up To Sum

Entrepreneurs are often bold, energetic, creative people with high risk-taking ability. Successful entrepreneurs, relying on their abilities, can change conditions in any field for both themselves and others in a favorable way. Getting out of the usual stereotypes is one of the positive effects that every entrepreneur has on his/her life and on others.


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