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Business Plan

Business Plan

Business plan, in simple terms, is a guide map for our business, in which the business goals and the details of the plans to reach the goals are determined. In fact, the business plan determines the task of the business to a great extent and guides it in the right direction.

Time to Write a Business Strategy

The first issue that we should pay attention to in relation to business strategies is that they should be written in a certain time frame. Starting early or later than the appropriate time is not only worthless, but also will not help our business.
The best time to design a business strategy is when the entrepreneur enters into negotiations with his/her customers, starts his/her marketing activities and prepares his/her product to enter the market. Designing a suitable business strategy in this period of time greatly increases the possibility of capital increase.
In a good business plan, all the dimensions, opportunities and threats facing the business can be achieved and it defines the current and future position of the business.

Presentation of Business Plan

The issue that we should know is that trade plans will not usually be printed as a document. This happens only when we intend to share it with people outside the organization or with people on our own team. Under normal conditions, the business plan will remain as a document that can be changed and edited on our personal computer; Because writing and constantly changing the business plan will continue throughout the life of our business. We constantly evaluate and change our business plan according to the conditions in which our business is placed.

Responsible for Business Strategy Design

The business strategy must be designed by the business manager; Because it is only the main owner of the business who is aware of the main ideas and goals of the business and can organize his/her business based on them. But in this way, he/she can also benefit from the advice of business consultants, engineers, lawyers and accountants.

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Business Strategy (B.S)

A Suitable Business Strategy

Although it can be said that the goal of all businesses is to make profit, but since the nature of different businesses is different from each other, their business plans are naturally different from each other.
When we decide to write a business plan, we must consider our target community. The design of the business plan will be based on the goals of the organization and its audience. Accordingly, the business plans of different businesses are different and various factors are observed in it. For example, if we are designing a business plan for an information technology company, the details of the plan approved by the government will be effective.
Also, the internal nature of the plan itself may also be different in relation to the range that is considered for presentation. For example, parts of the plan are related to planning and internal management and business strategy, they will not require specialized language and expression.

Examined Factors in the Business Strategy

In designing your business strategy, factors such as target market, market research, evaluation of competitors, target customers, organization’s perspective, duration of achieving goals, upcoming challenges and possible challenges, how to face risky situations, selection of employees and management system should be considered.

Business Plan
Examined Factors in Business Strategy (E.F.B.s)
Up To Sum

Business plan defines the path of a business to reach predetermined goals. When we use a business strategy to advance organizational goals, we will have a better understanding of the road ahead and what we have left behind. Therefore, we proceed with more order and confidence.


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