Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs چالش های زنان کارآفرین

Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs

Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs

Challenges of women entrepreneurs is one of the most important challenges in the field of business and entrepreneurship system. Despite the fact that we are faced with many female applicants in the field of starting businesses, unfortunately, a significant number of them turn back from their path in the middle of the road and face obstacles and challenges. As a result, despite the many capabilities that we know in women, the number of female entrepreneurs is considerably limited compared to men.

The End of Inequalities

If we look at the history of businesses, we will find that most of the entrepreneurs and even the owners of billions of incomes have been formed by men. In fact, we were faced with a patriarchal spirit in the field of business and women had a passive role in the labor market. But today, with the active and effective entry of women into the labor market, the presence of women and the establishment of businesses by them has grown significantly. The success of women in these fields is undeniable, and some of them can even be placed in the group of billion-dollar earners, on par with male business owners.

However, the challenges facing women entrepreneurs are undeniable and ignored. In the following, we will mention some of these challenges and obstacles:

1. Cultural Challenges

The biggest obstacle that exists in the way of women’s entrepreneurship and their entry into the field of business is the cultural beliefs that govern the society. Some of these beliefs are so cumbersome and limiting that they even lower the existential values of women to a great extent. In some developing countries, women’s place is at home and they believe that only men are breadwinners! Despite such rotten thoughts, it will not be possible for women to play a role in the business environment. In order to overcome these conditions, we must step on false cultural values and start breaking tradition.

2. Budget Constraints

Budget constraints are common not only in women-run businesses, but also in male-owned businesses. In fact, not all people can enter with full hands from the very beginning and start their business with complete and sufficient financial resources. But the deeper challenge that women entrepreneurs face is that many investors also tend to invest in businesses that are owned by men.

Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs چالش های زنان کارآفرین
Budget Constraints (B.C)

3. Continuous Criticism

Women entrepreneurs should know that in the field of work, especially personal business, they may always be bombarded with all kinds of nasty and disappointing criticisms. But what brings the business to the peak of success is being deaf to the negative comments of others and focusing on the set goals. It is our tenacity, commitment and hard work that determines the result.

4. Gender Perspective on Businesses

Maybe this case can be considered as a continuation of cultural challenges. Gender perspective means that some people believe that some jobs are for men. For example, plumbing, car repairman. But contrary to popular belief, women entrepreneurs can also shine in these areas.

5. Fear of Failure

The root of this fear is not due to a lack of trust in one’s own abilities. Rather, women are afraid of an unknown future. In addition, the lack of support from the people around you can intensify this fear.

6. Not Taken Seriously

Sometimes women enter jobs that are controlled by men. Therefore, they may face the risk of not being taken seriously by people or lack of trust.

7. Unhealthy Work Environments

One of the most profound challenges that may be faced by women entrepreneurs is dealing with unhealthy environments and dealing with nasty people. Environments and people who create an atmosphere of insecurity for the continuation of women’s business and try to sideline them by throwing stones.

Up To Sum

With the progress of today’s societies, the process of entrepreneurship is no longer exclusive to men. In the field of business, we are faced with women entrepreneurs who have many challenges on their way to entrepreneurship. With social and financial support, we can reduce the burden of the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. Knowing these challenges to deal with them will be necessary and helpful for women interested in entering the business world.


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