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Effect of Public Relations on Business

Effect of Public Relations on Business

Effect of public relations on business is examined because nowadays marketing is based on public relations more than anything else. In the past, products and businesses were advertised through the media. Business managers have always incurred huge costs in the field of advertising. But today, establishing continuous communication with customers and sales and introducing products and services in this way is considered a kind of competitive advantage and is very important.

The Role of Public Relations in Business

The public relations officer can be considered as the manager and leader of the marketing programs of each collection. In order to benefit from strong marketing in the current competitive environment, every organization needs to strengthen its public relations department. The ability to establish strong communication with customers and positive interactions with them will be very effective in business profitability. Public relations can provide the audience with more and more useful information about the company’s goals and mechanism in less time. It can even be said that public relations are more cost-effective than media advertising, while the effects will be deeper.

Objectives of Public Relations

1. Inform about the Product

In order to make customers more familiar with the products and services provided by us, public relations can be a safe reference that customers can refer to learn about the use and features of the products.

2. Increase in Demand

By introducing and mentioning the merits and uses of products and services, through mass media, the possibility of increasing customer demand for the products offered by us will increase.

Effect of Public Relations on Business تاثیر روابط عمومی بر تجارت
Increase in Demand (I.D)
3. Direct Communication

Some organizations try to strengthen their relationship with target customers and also with the product sales market by hiring people to hold public relations positions. Direct communication with customers allows us to get to know their expectations and also identify their level of satisfaction and dissatisfaction with our products. Active communication with suppliers also allows us to keep the pulse of the market in our hands and provides us with the possibility of timely and more sales.

Monitoring the Marketing Process

As we said, the public relations department in each complex is known as the manager and leader in marketing. Due to the communication of the public relations officers with the internal and external departments of each organization and continuous monitoring of the production and marketing process, we can expect more favorable results in this field from the collection.

Commercial Public Relations and Advertising

Contrary to what it seems, there are many differences between the above two concepts. In commercial public relations, we are faced with two-way communication between the organization and the customers. This is despite the fact that in advertising, the communication is one-way and from the side of the business; It means that the organization advertises its products and the customer must be persuaded to buy the products without any additional explanation in order to resolve the existing ambiguities.
The goal in commercial public relations is to obtain maximum customer satisfaction. But in advertising, the goal is only to earn profit and it is focused on increasing customers. In public relations, the parties face negotiations and questions and answers, but in advertising, there is no fruitful negotiation. In fact, the customer sees two options; Either buy or not.

The Structure of Commercial Public Relations

Commercial public relations should be able to answer the questions of its target customers at any time. Therefore, it has a customer-oriented structure. Customer orientation should be present not only in the public relations department, but in the entire structure of the organization, and its strategies should be based on this; It means customer-oriented organization, customer-oriented managers, customer-oriented employees. Default sections in commercial public relations include: advertising, identifying customers, identifying customer’s needs or market research, responding to customers, etc.

Effect of Public Relations on Business تاثیر روابط عمومی بر تجارت
Commercial Public Relations (C.P.R)

Up To Sum

In the structure of any organization, public relations play an important role. The existence of weakness or defects in this part can disrupt the entire structure of the organization and cause the business to have low profitability. Customer-oriented approach is an important topic in commercial public relations and this approach should be institutionalized in the overall structure of the organization.


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