Customs Formalities تشریفات گمرکی

Customs Formalities

Customs Formalities

Customs formalities refers to all customs operations that are carried out in compliance with regulations. We need to go through some formalities for tasks such as clearance of goods from the countries of origin and destination, obtaining permits for foreign purchased goods, etc. We have to do this operation in all borders of different countries.
The exit and entry of goods from the borders are carried out according to customs procedures. To perform these rituals, we need sufficient knowledge in this field. It is necessary to have a declaration to go through these steps and it helps to do things like exporting and clearing our goods from customs legally.
Implementation of Customs Clearance Operations

Customs Procedures and Goods Clearance

In order to make our business bigger, we need to learn the procedures for clearing our goods from customs. This operation is carried out between the receiving country and the customs of our country. The import and export policies of the government allow the customs department to carry out its work according to the procedure.
Each country has different policies and they are different from each other. People who are looking to move their goods to the borders of other countries should familiarize themselves with the country’s trade policies to make their work easier.

Steps of Customs Formalities

The procedures for clearance of goods depend on their type, and for this, we need a series of permits from organizations. According to the type of goods, we must obtain the relevant license from Islamic Culture and Guidance Organizations, Health Organization and Anti-Narcotics Organization.

Customs Formalities تشریفات گمرکی
Customs Formalities (C.F)

Registration of Declaration in the System

The first thing we have to do is register a declaration in the system. Registration of the declaration must be done online by the owner of the goods or the specified legal representative.

Authentication and Routing

The customs technical department checks our documents and, if approved, assigns us a registration number or groupage. Upon receiving the groupage, our product declaration will be registered and stamped with a unique number.

Goods Control

To control all imported and exported goods, they must complete the green, yellow, and red routes. If the goods are placed on the yellow and red track, it will be necessary to obtain the required permits.
At this stage, we need to get the necessary permits to clear our goods from customs. Licenses will be taken for all goods, including special goods. In order to release their goods, experts must approve the designated licenses. The most important licenses include: health standards, telecommunications, taxes, quarantine, Ministry of Roads, Jihad, medical equipment and atomic energy.

Paying the Fee for Issuing the Goods Clearance Document

After the final customs approval, the owner of the goods must pay a fee in cash. Customs issues a green pr-permit to the owner of the goods, who can take the goods out of customs by paying the customs fee.

Permission to Load Goods

At this stage of the customs formalities, we have to settle the account with the transport company for the clearance of the goods after issuing the clearance document for the loading of our goods. Then the customs will issue a license to load the goods and the owner of the goods must pay a fee to the warehouse. This cost includes work such as the duration of storage of goods in the warehouse, unloading, loading of goods, etc.

Goods Exit from Customs

After checking the green license and seal by the inspectors of the exit door of invoice custom, it will be issued to us. Then we can enter the customs area to transport the goods and after loading and exiting, our vehicle will be controlled and finally we will be allowed to exit.

Order Registration Procedures

Registering the order will help us get a license to buy foreign goods, which will be registered in the system of the Ministry of Commerce. Order registration permit will be issued by Iran Trade Development Organization. An eight-digit serial number, order registration date, proforma date and applicant company name are included on this license. Placing an order for imported goods requires going through a series of steps, which include:
Knowing about the tariffs of the desired goods to place the order, receiving the proforma from the seller of our goods, obtaining the import permit of the goods through the table of export and import regulations of the related organizations, referring to your insurance company and getting the insurance policy, placing the order in the transaction bank to place the order goods, a brochure or catalog to analyze some goods.

Up To Sum

Knowing about customs procedures, we can easily export and import our goods. It will be very difficult to clear the goods without knowing the customs process. Learning customs clearance procedures will help us to get our goods out of customs without any problems.


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