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Healthy Competition in Workplace

Healthy Competition in Workplace

Healthy competition in workplace can create more energy and motivation, as well as the formation of creativity and increase the quality of work produced. In other words, it can cause the loss of self-confidence and lack of motivation of employees.
But in general, competition can be seen as one of the causes of organizational agility and the efforts of employees as much as possible in the field of job-related activities. Therefore, while preventing any negative and harmful effects of competition, we can introduce it in a more positive way in our organizational culture and turn it into an organizational culture.

The Reason of the Importance of Healthy Competition

Since most businesses are based on teamwork, competition is seen more intensely in the teamwork environment, and these competitions may sometimes cause hypocrisy and divisiveness among team members; Because everyone will be trying to prove themselves better and more to get feedback from others. Therefore, leading the team in the path of healthy competition, which leads to the progress of the whole group and reduces its negative and destructive consequences.
The competitive environment allows people to express their creativity as much as possible and develop their individual capabilities in their area of responsibility. People in a healthy competitive environment, by being aware of their existing capabilities and trying to strengthen them, do not feel weak against possible failures. Rather, they strive more boldly for the growth and excellence of their individual position.

Characteristics of Healthy Competition

1. Being Exciting

No one wins in healthy competition. Rather, contrary to what comes to mind from its name, not only do we not lose anything in healthy competition, but our individual abilities and efforts will also increase to a great extent. We enjoy the atmosphere of healthy competition and will always seek to discover and learn more complex and interesting issues.

2. Being Fun

Normally, we are faced with a competitive environment in our work environments. In fact, all employees try to be the best in their current position and do their best to improve it. But the thing that should be important for managers in this field is not to make the existing competitive environment scary and stressful for employees and focus on creating a fun environment.

3. Not Mandatory

One of the important points that we should pay attention to is that the competitive environment is not suitable for every situation. Some people work in a non-competitive environment with higher quality. Therefore, you should not apply the same version to all parts of the organization! It is not necessary to create a competitive environment. People should do their activities with personal desire. So, it’s important to accept that some departments and teams may be more competitive than others.

4. Determining the Goal and Need of the Competition

Useful competition happens when people know what they are competing for. For example, when we set the goal of creating competition to improve job status, people are fully aware of the issue and focus their efforts in this direction.
We should also keep in mind that the goal of competition is in line with the goals of the organization. For this purpose, determining a common framework for employees can be helpful.

5. Attention to Values

Maybe it is better to take our focus from the result and put it on the values we get in this field. In fact, as much as the values obtained through competition are important, the result obtained is not important. Because on this path, we encounter values such as hard work, increased productivity, increased creative power, etc. These values are so valuable and important for the collection and its progress that it distracts us from the final result.

Up To Sum

Creativity in the organizational environment can be unhealthy and destructive as well as healthy with a positive impact. Managing this issue and directing this competitive environment towards healthy competition originates from the abilities of the organization’s manager. This is because it provides a space for employees to achieve personal and professional growth and excellence in a healthy competitive environment and lead the organization in the path of progress.


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