Etiquette in Workplace آداب معاشرت در محیط کار

Etiquette in the Workplace

Etiquette in the Workplace

Etiquette in the work place is called a behavioral pattern that we must observe in the work environment. Etiquette rules define what we should do and what we should avoid.

Etiquette Tips

1. Let’s Use the Official Greeting

Say “Hello, good morning/good evening” when we meet a customer or colleague. let’s smile. Make eye contact. Introduce yourself when you meet a new person. Greeting others at work helps us to have office etiquette and friendly behavior that makes colleagues and customers feel more comfortable with us.

2. Let’s Open the Conversation

One of the most important ways to communicate in the workplace is to open up to others. During working hours, we have many opportunities to open discussions with colleagues and customers. Talk to people we know and get their thoughts and opinions about the company’s achievements. Connect with clients and professionals who help us grow and develop our careers.

3. Think About Others

Another etiquette in the office environment is to pay attention to others; Especially when we move and walk in the office. When we pass through a door, look around us. If someone wants to pass through that door, we will hold the door for him / her. Use the words “please” and “thank you” when needed.

4. For Etiquette in the Workplace, Silence Your Mobile Phone

Mobile notifications cause distraction in the workplace when working with colleagues. If we are waiting for a call, put the phone in silent mode. Silencing the mobile phone during meetings is one of the most important etiquette in the workplace that we must follow.

Etiquette in the Workplace آداب معاشرت در محیط کار
Silence Your Mobile Phone

5. Pay Attention to the Other Person

One of the most important points of social etiquette in the workplace is that we should give our full attention to the other person while talking to others. When participating in meetings, put your mobile phone on the table and do not hold the mobile phone in your hand during two-person conversations. Turning your attention to the other person shows that you are interested in the discussion and are willing to hear the speaker’s opinions.

6. Keep the Environment Clean

The next point to observe social etiquette in the workplace is cleanliness. The workplace is a shared space that people must contribute to keeping it clean. When we use a device, after using it, we should put it in its place so that others can find it. A clean workplace can increase team motivation and productivity.

7. Arrive on Time

Being committed to time is one of the important components of social etiquette in the workplace. Arriving on time for meetings and arriving at the workplace earlier than the specified time shows that we value and respect the time and priorities of others. Set the meeting planning time so that everyone can get to their next task quickly and on time.

8. Wear Appropriate Clothes

Wearing appropriate clothes is one of the most important etiquette. The simple cover style is the best choice for the work environment. Use simple and comfortable clothes in informal settings. To observe the etiquette when we want to meet the client, try to use formal clothing.

Etiquette in the Workplace آداب معاشرت در محیط کار
Wear Appropriate Clothes

9. Pay Attention to Body Language

Our body language conveys different messages to the other person during a conversation. When talking to others, make eye contact and nod your head to show that you are paying attention to them. Smiling multiplies our passion for the topic under discussion. To follow this strategy, we keep our hands beside our body to have a natural pose or put our hands on our legs which shows our confidence.

Etiquette in the Workplace آداب معاشرت در محیط کار
Body Language

Up to Sum

Maintaining social etiquette in the workplace creates a respectful atmosphere so that colleagues can cooperate more constructively with each other. Knowing and observing these minor points can have a deeper effect on our personality and charisma in the long run and make us a more professional person.


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