Customer Empathy همدلی با مشتری

Customer Empathy

Customer Empathy

Customer empathy is one of the strongest skills. This leads to stronger performance, increased customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty.
Empathy with the customer means to understand the customer’s feelings, emotions and motivations. Someone who cares about customer empathy does not see the customer as a user; Rather, the customer is a human being for him. To increase our sales, we must understand the importance of empathy with the customer.

The Importance of Customer Empathy

Customer empathy plays an important role in product development. We must see ourselves close to the customer. When we are close to customers and understand their needs, we can offer better products. This will improve the customer experience, increase our revenue and reduce the customer churn rate.

1. Motivating

When we understand our customers we can implement new features and capabilities and increase our revenue. Empathy with the customer makes us anticipate the customer’s needs. Customers are eager to buy our products.

2. Understanding the Consequences

Understanding the consequences is one of the reasons why customer empathy is so important. Empathy with the customer allows us to understand the consequences of the situation along with knowing the customer. For example, if they do not succeed in something, what consequences await them. As a result, it makes us put ourselves in the customer’s place. This work has a great impact on the product‘s performance in people’s lives and work.

3. Having an Open Mind

Empathy with the customer makes us increase our intellectual range. Usually, the ideas that customers propose for our business are rejected or we do not pay attention to them. But when it comes to empathy with the customer, the customer’s ideas become valuable to us. Customers don’t care about our revenues, they are more interested in getting a better experience. That’s why they make the best offers. When we focus on increasing income, good ways do not come to our mind. Remember that the best methods are suggested by those who have used our products.


1. Ask the Support Department

The support department is in contact with the customer. Support experts are aware of all complaints and questions. As a business manager, allocate a specific time to deal with the support department. We don’t ask anyone to be an intermediary between us and the support and convey the news. If we don’t have enough time to handle it, ask the support team to send us statistics and a summary of the situation. This is one of the most effective ways to create customer empathy. Some organizations use this method more. For example, every employee who is hired in the company must work in the support department and answer customer service calls in the first two weeks of being in the company.

2. Talking to the Customer

If we have a specific customer who always communicates with us via SMS or email, let’s take the time to contact him/her. We can select a few customers, communicate with them by phone and ask them questions about the process of using the products. Asking questions gives us ideas and information. If we talk less and listen more to the customer, we will get a lot of information. If the conversations are done face-to-face, we can use body language to get to know the customer.

Customer Empathy همدلی با مشتری
Talking to the Customer (T.C)
3. Not Convinced with Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to building a great product, “good” is not enough. Make customers share their feelings with us. There is always progress. Surprise our customers and appear more than they expect.

4. Creating Customer Personas

Personas focus on a specific topic. But we have to see our customers as real. Our personas go beyond our job titles or lifestyle preferences. To complete the persona, use the interaction data with the customers and grow the position of the customers.

5. Become a Customer

The fastest way is to use our own products. When we know how our products work, we can communicate with customers more easily.

Up To Sum

To be successful in building customer empathy, the first step is to feel close to them. The more information we have about our customers, the more we care about them. Through customer empathy, we understand customer needs, create products that resonate with customers, provide support services, and get the most out of our marketing efforts.


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