Carpet Export صادرات فرش

Carpet Export

Carpet Export

Carpet export is one of the most important export activities that has a special place in business. For this type of export, there are special conditions for merchants, which we will discuss further.

Carpet Export Rules

The first point in this regard, which is considered one of the mandatory rules and regulations, is to have a business card. For this purpose, we have to go to the Chamber of Commerce and request the issuance of a business card from there. After receiving a valid card and certificate of origin from the Chamber of Commerce, we can export. Among other export laws in this field, we can mention the ban on carpet export. Carpets that are woven using dyed threads and their warp and weft are made of synthetic fibers are prohibited for export.
Having a carpet tariff number is one of the other requirements and export laws in this field. People who intend to export in this area can, by having this tariff, by entering the statistics section of the export and import site, extract countries that have a history of exporting in this area.

It should be noted that we do not face many restrictions in this field. Therefore, it is possible to export carpets and textiles to almost all countries.

Carpet Export Challenges

1. One of the most important concerns faced by activists in this field is the supply and export of Indian and Chinese carpets of the lowest quality, but called Iranian hand-woven carpets. Since these carpets are exposed to the public in world markets, they can give a great blow to Iran’s carpet weaving and export industry.

2. The high cost of producing handmade carpets is another problem that has plagued activists in this field. Despite the challenges facing the carpet weaving industry and its export, Iranian handwoven carpet is still at the top of carpet exports in the world. Similar industries in other parts of the world, as well as the existence of sanctions, have not been able to create a serious obstacle on the way to this superiority.
In addition, knowing the amount of carpet trade in the world and the amount of Iran’s share in this trade can be helpful in the successful implementation of such an export process.

Carpet Export صادرات فرش
Export of Handmade Carpets (E.H.C)


Merely studying the export laws in this field is not enough to enter this field. The export process is a time-consuming process with many obstacles.
One of the problems that exist in this direction is the neglect of the expansion of new markets and the lack of studies and expert reviews. Expert reviews include the amount of demand, different tastes in world markets and cultural studies regarding the type of carpet preferred by countries. Also, the existence of foreign competitors and dealers in this field create many obstacles for Iranian businessmen.
In order to overcome these existing obstacles, it is not enough to be familiar with the rules and regulations in this field. We should also be familiar with the factors of decreasing or increasing carpet exports. In addition, by consulting people active in this field, we can do time-consuming matters such as customs, clearance, transportation and other such matters at a higher speed.

Carpet Export صادرات فرش
Carpet Export (C.E)

Destination Countries

In order to be effective in exporting carpets, we must be able to get a proper understanding of the target countries. The largest markets in this area include countries such as Latin America, China, Russia and the UAE. Of course, it should be mentioned, as mentioned earlier, that China is one of the most important competitors of Iran in the production of handwoven carpets, which is currently in the fourth place in the world. Understanding the political and economic situation of the country and maintaining relations with other countries can directly affect the decrease or increase in the export of carpets.

Up To Sum

Carpet export is one of the main export branches for international trade. In this field, Iran is the flagship and is at the top of the world trade. Familiarity with the laws and regulations related to trade in this area, knowledge of prohibitions, obstacles and active countries in this area can help the success of exports in this area.


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