Customs Commissioner حق العمل کار گمرک

Customs Commissioner

Customs Commissioner

Customs commissioner is said to a person who performs customs and clearance procedures on behalf of the owner of goods in matters of export and import. For this purpose, the person with the right to work must pass a special test and receive a special license. It is necessary to have this license in all the customs offices of the country to go through the clearance procedures.

Importance and Position of Customs Commissioner

Nowadays, we are facing more and more business activities in the form of cross-border and international export and import. In such a situation, traders and merchants active in this field need to have individual knowledge, experience and expertise to perform customs formalities. The right of action is the work of an expert in this field who, receiving a fee, performs customs and clearance procedures on behalf of the owners of the goods. Due to the complexities and the necessary licenses that the clearance of goods has, the importance of labor rights is more understandable for merchants and traders; Because these people’s familiarity with customs affairs and laws related to this field prevents financial and credit losses.

The Difference between Work Clearance and Commissioner

Despite the similarity that these two concepts seem to have with each other, there are major differences between their duties.

1. Labor rights are a more general concept than work clearance. in other words; Any work permit can be a work release, but the opposite is not true.

2. The number of times that a work clearance can clear goods from customs for a natural or legal person is 10 times. But we do not face such a limitation in relation to labor rights.

3. A laborer can obtain a business card after going through legal procedures. Therefore, the powers that the labor rights will face in the future are more.

Customs Commissioner حق العمل کار گمرک
Customs Commissioner (C.C)

Duties of Commissioner

1. Perhaps, the first and most important duty of any labor law is to clear the goods from the customs indefinitely for any natural and legal person. In this regard, it is essential that the brokers have full knowledge of the rules, knowledge and experience. They should also try to speed up the customs affairs of traders and prevent them from causing huge losses by providing the best services and performing their duties correctly.

2. Confidentiality and trusteeship are other duties of a labor deed. Traders trust these people and provide them with the details of their import and export affairs. Contractors must also fulfill the duty of trust and keep secrets, details and work information related to clients with them.

3. Insuring goods is also one of the duties of brokers. Brokers should take measures to insure goods to prevent possible damages.

4. The right of work must be in regular contact with the owner of the goods and provide him/her with progress reports. The details of the actions taken, in progress and the plan of future actions should be reported to the owner of the goods on time and regularly.

5. The right of labor also plays an advisory role in relation to the owner of the goods. Items such as customs laws, clearance permits, commodity tariffs, the best method of transportation, etc., are among the issues that the copyright holder must declare to the owner of the goods.

Customs Commissioner حق العمل کار گمرک
Duties of Commissioner (D.C)

Up to Sum

The sensitivities, complexities and difficulties that exist in the field of trade and export and import, especially at the cross-border level, have determined the position of labor rights among merchants and traders. A customs agent or customs broker, with his/her knowledge, expertise and experiences in the field of customs, performs customs formalities and clearance of goods on behalf of natural and legal persons. These people are usually reliable people who keep the owners of the goods informed about the details of their export and import activities. It is necessary to use workers’ rights to speed up customs formalities and comply with laws and regulations and prevent financial and credit losses.


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