Role of Media in Advertising نقش رسانه در تبلیغات

Role of Media in Advertising

Role of Media in Advertising

Role of media in advertising is investigated because mass media allocates the most capital in relation to advertising. But the point is that due to the variety of media and the cultural and environmental differences in each region, the performance of media and advertisements is different; Therefore, there are no precise and fixed rules in this regard.

Types of Media in Advertising

As mentioned, in the discussion of media, we are faced with a lot of variety and breadth. Each media has special and unique effects on the audience based on its capabilities. These media are divided into two categories: broadcast and print. Broadcast media includes radio and television suitable for creating a positive mood and feeling in the audience. Print media includes newspapers and magazines, whose effectiveness in providing detailed and accurate information is evident.

Effective Media in Advertising

There is sensitivity in choosing the media because having a weak media plan leads to the failure of the entire advertising campaign. To succeed in the advertising game, our attention should be more than anything else on the vital element of advertising media.
Management in the discussion of advertising is a specialized field that is very important because of the deep effects it has on the amount of sales, income and profits of companies.
Choosing efficient media is one of the most difficult and main concerns of advertising managers. Managers should choose the most effective and efficient one among several audios, video and print media. Since product owners spend huge amounts of money to broadcast their advertising programs, advertising managers must choose a medium that will bring maximum results with minimum budget.

Role of Media in Advertising نقش رسانه در تبلیغات
Media in Advertising (M.A)

Features of Effective Media

A media is known as an effective media that conveys the features of the product or service to the consumer and the main audience in the most direct way. In other words, any media that works more effectively in informing about the product and causes an increase in sales or an increase in the stock value is known as an effective media.
Effective media fulfills our expectation regarding the reaction of the target audience. Our desired reaction is the choice of our product by the customer and encouraging him to buy. Effective media should be able to organize the sales and marketing process in such a way as to lead the audience to this reaction.

Factors of Effective Advertising

1. Repeat continuously

2. The duration of advertisement broadcast in audio and video media is less than 30 seconds

3. Expressive and creative expression for public communication with advertising

4. Clarity of the target group of advertising

5. Evaluating the current market conditions, the amount of reception after advertising and the sales situation, before advertising

Media Selection Steps

1. Proper targeting and determining the scope of the ad

The more we seek to reach customers from conducting research, the more budget we will need in this regard.

2. Evaluating the available options and choosing among them

Among the existing media, we can choose the most appropriate and efficient one between radio, television, magazine, newspaper, internet, etc.

3. Making a list of media that we can use in this way

Considering the wide range of media, after careful evaluation, we can prepare a list of media that can be used for our advertising and act accordingly.

4. Media Schedule

Examining the point that we intend to do our advertising in what time frame and in what way. This issue can be different according to the type of media.

5. Checking the Final Result

Examining the final result of broadcasting advertisements and measuring the audience who were exposed to advertisements and calculating the amount of customers added after advertisements.

Role of Media in Advertising نقش رسانه در تبلیغات
Examining the Final Result (E.F.R)

Up to Sum

It is very important to choose the advertising media from among the wide range of these media. Negligence in choosing these media for advertising causes business owners to face many financial losses and huge expenses. Also, choosing the wrong media can cause deep damage to the brand name and customer loyalty.


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