Financial Intelligence هوش مالی

Financial Intelligence

Financial Intelligence

Financial intelligence can be seen as ways to earn money in a short time. In fact, the knowledge, information and abilities of each person in creating wealth, solving economic problems and managing financial crises are called economic intuition. Financial intelligence is called a person’s behavior with money, which is based on capital, debt and financial flow. The type of business, the amount of income, fixed capital, the amount of money that is withdrawn from the account monthly, and most importantly, the path and flow in which these two move, indicate this aspect of a person’s intelligence.

Types of Financial Intelligence

1.In earning more income

2.In keeping money

3.In planning and budgeting money

4.In using money

5.In progress in financial knowledge

Characteristics of People with High Financial Intelligence

1.Having a specific operational idea

2.Investing and saving at least 10% of income

3.Expense management

4.Having a long-term and short-term plan

5.Reducing debts as much as possible

6.Consultation with specialists and experts

7.Always learning new skills and ways to earn more.

The Difference between Financial Intelligence and IQ

The important point is that financial intelligence is different from the coefficient. Coefficient is a potential ability that becomes actual by strengthening it. A high score alone is not a sign of intelligence. For example, in two people with the same monthly income, someone with higher financial intelligence has more money left after reducing debts and expenses.

Methods of Strengthen and Increasing Financial Intelligence

1.Changing the Way of Thinking

Therefore, the first step should be to earn more money, not to buy more. it means the art of wise financial thinking. So let’s look at financial issues with a new attitude.

2. Planning and Goal Setting

Set long-term and short-term goals. Divide the goals from small to big and check the details of each one. Success in short-term goals will be a good incentive to go the long way to long-term goals.

Financial Intelligence هوش مالی
3. It is Golden Time

We value every moment of our life and use them. High financial intelligence requires practice and spending a lot of time to achieve the desired result, and laziness and laziness keep us away from our goals.

4. Controlling Costs and Expenses

Let’s start today and reduce the extra costs. Make a shopping list and prepare the necessary items according to it. Pay off small debts and avoid new loans as much as possible. Forget about savings, even if the amount is small.

Financial Intelligence هوش مالی
Cost Control (C.C)
5. Increasing Study and Learning

Using people’s experiences and trainings has an effective role. Unfortunately, the education system of schools and universities in Iran mostly cultivates salary earners and employees rather than entrepreneurship and earning money. But after the expansion of virtual spaces, there has been a good growth in strengthening courses that teach strengthening methods in a principled and practical way.

Financial Intelligence هوش مالی

Up to Sum

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, having money is not the only way to be rich, and if a rich person does not know the right ways to spend and increase it, the possibility of losing money and capital is very high. Financial intelligence is a part of each person’s IQ, which depends on his mastery and knowledge in solving financial problems and also finding new plans and ideas for earning more. Therefore, it exists in every person’s mind that by practicing and acquiring knowledge and strengthening proven solutions, he becomes a person with high financial intelligence.


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