Persuasion متقاعد سازی



Persuasion is a skill that helps us present our ideas to others in such a way that others are convinced of our opinions and ideas.Persuasion includes talents that can be used to change the views, opinions, and behaviors of others.

Reasons of Persuasion

Persuasion is a skill that makes us successful in our personal and professional lives. For example, our child convinces us to buy him a toy, or an election volunteer who encourages us to vote, or a seller who encourages us to buy his/her product. Everyone uses the skill of persuasion in their own way. Our child by the method of influencing our emotions, or the election candidate by the method of giving logical reasons, and the seller by the method of giving product specifications.

Application of Persuasion

1. Marketing and Sales

One of the most important applications of persuasion skills is in marketing and sales. Successful marketing experts and sales experts are those who can convince customers in the best possible way.

2. Management

Another area where persuasive skills are used is management. As a successful manager, we must be able to convince our employees and team to trust us. In addition, as a manager, we can use persuasive skills to participate in team meetings, meetings with customers, business partners, so that we can defend our ideas.

3. Job Interview

It is also possible to use persuasive skills in the interview. Using this skill, we can participate in job interviews. In addition, persuasion helps to prove ourselves as a successful person to the interviewer and the employer and convince the interviewer to hire us.

4. Personal Relationships

Personal relationships are another situation to use persuasive skills. The skill of persuasion helps us to have personal relationships with others and persuade them to do things that are in their best interests. For example, encourage children to find their talents and interests and participate in sports teams.

Rules of Persuasion

1. Do not Force Persuasion

Never force those who are not interested in doing work. In other words, the skill of persuasion means to encourage people to do things that are both for our benefit and for their own benefit.

2. Focus on Audiences who are Convinced

Focusing on the audience is another rule of persuasion. For this purpose, we should focus on audiences that are more easily convinced. For example, volunteers in political campaigns focus more on audiences who want to participate in elections. The most important stage of persuasion is to identify and select the audience that has the ability to be convinced.

3. Choose the Right Content and Timing

One of the most important rules of persuasion is content and timing. In order to communicate, we must find a common ground between ourselves and the other party and share our words with him. Besides content, timing is very important to convince the audience. In order to communicate, we must maintain complete calm and be ready to actively listen and interact.

4. To Attract the Attention of the Audience

Never convince the audience about something they are not interested in. For persuasion we need to pay attention to the audience by talking to them about themselves. In some situations, call them by their first name and listen to their words. Finally, we can attract the attention of the audience and create a mutual connection.

5. To Meet Expectations

One of the principles and rules of persuasion is that we must manage the expectations of others so that they can trust us. In addition, we must be realistic about our proposals or we will lose their trust.

6. Transfer Positive Energy

All of us have faced two types of people in our lives; The first group are those who take our energy and the second group are those who give us energy. For persuasion, we need to transfer positive energy to others and motivate and empower them. Positive energy is transmitted to the audience through simple eye contact, touch, smile, handshake, eagerness to listen.

7. Be Confident

Having self-confidence is one of the most important methods of persuasion. Having determination and self-confidence helps us to be introduced as a reliable and trustworthy person from the point of view of others. With confidence we can convince others.

Persuasion متقاعدسازی

Up to Sum

Persuasion is a skill that we need in our daily interactions, both in our personal and professional lives. The purpose of this skill is the ability to persuade people with whom we interact directly. In order to be able to ask them to perform activities that are both in their own interest and in our interest.


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