Tourism Economy اقتصاد گردشگری

Tourism Economy

Tourism Economy

Tourism economy is one of the areas that can be sure of its power to change the future of the country. An economic center with a set of businesses that generate significant amounts of currency for each country. That is why talking about it is of particular importance.

Tourism Economy

Tourism economy means the set of activities that are related to tourism and the tourism process. When we discuss tourists and tourism, all activities from transportation to accommodation, restaurants, historical and recreational attractions, etc. are included in this circle. Each of these activities has an economic burden in turn. Economic activities in the tourism process start from the moment tourists decide to travel and continue until the end of their leisure trip.

These economic activities include the purchase of tickets from travel agencies, the cost of accommodation, food and beverages, entertainment venues and shopping centers. At the end of the trip, the cost of the return ticket can be plane, bus, train, etc. in both directions. All these things provide the means of earning foreign currency inside the country and for this reason, they are considered part of the tourism economy.

In general, if we want to define this concept, we should say: “All the services and facilities that are provided to tourists during the trip to meet their needs are called tourism economy.”

Another point in this regard is that we have this concept in two forms, direct and indirect. Direct tourism economy includes items related to travel, such as hotels, travel agencies, etc. Its indirect meaning includes items like marketing, advertising, investment, etc. The tourism industry primarily relies on its direct method. When we leave our region and enter another region, we have actually taken a step towards the growth and development of that region, and we spend in this direction.

The Impact of Tourism on the World Economy

Tourism is an active and effective member of the world economy. If this member is paralyzed, the world economy will also go into decline and destruction. We can see the reflection of this issue every year in the reports issued by the World Tourism Organization. It is enough of the many economic effects of tourism activities that the life of many countries depends on this industry.

Tourism Economy اقتصاد گردشگری
Tourism Economy (T.E)

Economic Benefits of Tourism

Tourism is basically one of the money-maker and currency-maker markets for countries. In addition to the advantages and disadvantages that it brings to countries, it has at least 4 examples of obvious economic benefits:

1. Tourism creates jobs. Along with the creation of new jobs, more human forces are recruited. Therefore, it also plays the role of job creation for people.

2. Tourism is a kind of trade based on supply and demand. Prosperity in this area causes the growth and mobility of other businesses in other trades. As a result, it grows the economy in other sectors as well.

3. Tourism provides rapid growth for developing and even backward countries. In fact, it somehow helps to create regional balance and comprehensive development.

4. The highest rate of added value among economic activities belongs to tourism economy. In some countries, the amount of income from tourism is higher than all tax incomes.

Forecasting the Future of Tourism Economy

In recent years, countries have paid more attention to the tourism industry. This point can be fully understood by comparing the growth rate of this industry in different years. According to the statistics of the analysis, we realize that the tourism industry has grown significantly and surpassed any other economic activity. With the economic forecasts that came out of the tourism industry, the reason for this can be considered the job opportunities that tourism creates for people and the prosperity that it gives to existing businesses.

Tourism Economy اقتصاد گردشگری

Up To Sum

The tourism industry is considered to be a prosperous field in the world of economy these days. This industry is growing and developing day by day. By creating job opportunities, flourishing existing jobs and using the products and services of countries while traveling, it helps the growth and development of developing and even backward countries. Considering the bright future that awaits this industry, countries are advised to use their internal potentials to attract tourists and increase tourism trips in the best way.



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