Profitable Export Goods کالاهای صادراتی پرسود

Profitable Export Goods

Profitable Export Goods

Profitable export goods and familiarity with them make the path of export clearer for us. One of the factors that will help in the success of the export process is knowing the goods whose export can bring us significant profit. In Iran, we have never encountered fixed goods for export. Profitable export goods have always undergone many changes. However, in general, the most profitable products that are used for export include petroleum products, mineral industries, petrochemical products and agricultural products.

In the following, we will discuss the most profitable products in each field.

1. In the Field of Agriculture

1.1. Date

For many years, Iran has been working as one of the main players in the field of date production and export in the world. The most profit from the export of agricultural products goes to the export of dates. Iranian dates are exported to 78 countries in the world, among which India has the highest import statistics of this product.

1.2. Saffron

More than 95% of the saffron production statistics are in the hands of Iran. Therefore, it is known as the biggest and main exporter of saffron. Iranian saffron is exported to 45 countries in the world, among which the UAE and Spain are major and serious customers. The regrettable point about this is that being a customer of Spain is more like being a seller! It means that the saffron exported from Iran to Spain will be re-exported with new branding and packaging, and the export of this precious product will end in the name of Spain. This is because saffron is exported in bulk to countries including Spain. Therefore, it provides the possibility of repackaging and personal branding for these countries.

2. In the Field of Handicrafts

Iranian handwoven carpet is one of the most important and popular crafts. The export of handwoven carpets is the most important part of Iran’s non-oil exports. The most important target countries for the export of Iranian handmade carpets are Germany, America, France, Switzerland and Italy. Unfortunately, due to restrictions and high prices of raw materials, we are facing a decrease in the export rate of Iranian carpets.

3. The Fields of Minerals and Construction Materials

Iran’s share in the export of minerals and construction materials is significant. Every year, significant amounts of iron ore, red soil, copper ore, marble, zinc, gypsum, sand, cement, decorative bricks, tiles, ceramics, etc. are exported to neighboring countries. The income from it is also a significant income.

4. In the Field of Industrial Goods

4.1. Communication Equipment

The most important industrial goods that are targeted for export are radio and television and communication devices in general.

Profitable Export Goods کالاهای صادراتی پرسود
TV Export (T.E)
4.2. Paper
4.3. Furniture

How to Export

Exporting goods includes certain legal processes and procedures that active persons in this field must follow. The method of export is step by step and should be done according to the principles, rules and per-determined plans. Having the latest capabilities in foreign markets allows us to comply with some existing sensitivities related to exports and guarantees our success in this field.

Characteristics of Profitable Export Goods

1. In general, products that have a fixed price in the global market do not have significant profitability. On the other hand, the price of goods whose purchase is mostly derived from emotions, such as pottery, will not be decisive in relation to them; Therefore, creativity and innovation in them can be highly profitable. Despite the low price of these goods in Iran or even their lack of significant sales, they are very popular in the world markets.

Profitable Export Goods کالاهای صادراتی پرسود
Export of Pottery (E.P)

2. Another feature of profitable products is the possibility of purchasing them for one turn. Products that are purchased only once minimize the possibility of knowing the base price for the customer. On the other hand, by creating variety in the production of such goods, its price can be declared lower or higher. Therefore, it will be more profitable. On the other hand, consumer goods such as food that are bought continuously, have the possibility of lower profit due to the knowledge of the base price. Of course, in this case too, we can achieve more profitability by creating initiative and innovation in the supply of products.

Up To Sum

Getting to know the market of popular and profitable goods for export is one of the ways to succeed in this direction. Iran has products with significant profit for export in various fields, which accurate knowledge will help to choose the best option and proceed to export.


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