Sales Funnel قیف فروش

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

Sales funnel is a type of sales process in marketing that organizations use to encourage potential customers to buy their products. The sales funnel includes all the steps and the process of identifying the target until becoming a real customer. This process in the marketing model starts with a lead and continues until it becomes a real and loyal customer.

For the sales process, we deal with three types of customers:

1. Customers interested in business, services and products

2. Potential customers who have a high chance of buying

3. Real customers who have purchased goods or services.

The most ideal situation is that it is a sales cylinder and not a funnel, that is, people who are interested customers become real customers.


1. Real Customer Identification

By using this marketing method, we can identify our real customers from people who entered our site out of curiosity or need.

2. Market Forecast

This process helps us to measure potential customers and real customers at every stage and to control our sales and most importantly to predict the future of the market. In addition, we can measure our sales in each period and have an estimate of our future.

3. Identify Obstacles

According to the amount of leads, potential customers and real customers in each period, they can identify the obstacles in the marketing and sales path and increase their sales by removing the obstacles.

4. Effective Marketing

With the help of this process, we understand which city, neighborhood or region our customers are from and which region we don’t have customers from. In addition, we can have the best strategy for advertising and customer awareness and increase our customers to the maximum extent.

5. Identifying Customer Interest

If we pay attention, most people think the same; That’s why one thing becomes fashionable every now and then. This process allows us to analyze the behavior of customers who are attracted to our business and by understanding what our customers like, we can understand the preference of the target community and use that to adjust our next ad so that we can attract more people.


1. Creating Awareness

No one can sell their product to someone whom the buyer has no knowledge of. We must inform our customers; It means to make them aware of our presence and introduce our business.

Sales Funnel قیف فروش
Create Awareness (C.A)
2. Getting Information and Showing Interest

After the customer is aware of our presence, we should inform them about the benefits of our products and services with training in the form of advertisements or banners or the content that we provide. The customer needs to know what knot of his problem we are going to solve so that he is interested in our services and products.

3. Product and Service Evaluation

At this stage, customers who need our products begin to evaluate our products. Based on this, we have to prepare the ground for evaluation and this can be done with the help of effective advertising. Try to transfer the feeling of superiority to the competitors and never destroy the competitors.

Sales Funnel قیف فروش
4. Decision Making

At this stage, the customer is hesitant to buy our products or not? We must inform the customer about the benefits and quality of our products so that there is no ambiguity and the customer does not go to competitors to answer their questions. This step is very important.

5. Purchase Step

One of the most important steps is the purchase step. Customers who have decided to buy at this stage are hesitant. In order to make customers determined to buy, we have to give the final blow and encourage the customer to buy with a smart offer such as a discount.

6. Become a Loyal Customer and Make Repeat Purchases

Business continuity depends on having loyal customers, and in order to have loyal customers, we must provide after-sales services such as warranty and support in the best way.

Sales Funnel قیف فروش
Loyal Customer (L.C)

Up To Sum

Considering that the most important factor in business is the quality and price of products and services, but we must compete at a higher level with different marketing methods and use this method to increase the sale of our products. A sales funnel is a way to convert a prospect into a real customer. With the help of this method, we make people aware of our services and encourage them to buy with knowledge and education.


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