Customer Analysis آنالیز مشتری

Customer Analysis

Customer Analysis

Customer analysis is the process of studying and obtaining comprehensive and practical information about the customer through different departments within the organization or relevant websites. This action takes place in order to evaluate, process and interpret the customer‘s behavior in different situations, from the time of the decision to purchase to the completion of the purchase process. As a result of the correct analysis of the customer‘s behavior and performance, the decisions we make in the direction of product production and presentation will be more rational and informed; Because it is based on per-collected data and correct knowledge of the target community.
With the forward movement of technology, providing information to manufacturers, suppliers and even marketers is done in an advanced and complete way. As a result, it is easy for all active in this field to understand and use this information in designing sales strategies and marketing.

Customer Information and Data

In the process of customer analysis, we will encounter many data from our customers. This data comes from every type of communication that we have obtained through positive and effective customer interactions. It is even possible to access this information through mass communication networks such as websites and social networks such as Instagram.
The analysis of the obtained data is done in any way, using analytical tools. Obtaining maximum customer data and analyzing them will be the first step to designing a successful business strategy. Organizations that seek to obtain maximum profit and the best work experiences use every opportunity to acquire data and analyze them.

In general, customer data can be classified into 4 categories:

1. Personal Data

Regarding personal data, we are faced with two groups of information; Information by which we can accurately identify our target customers. such as name, address, contact number, etc. Another category of information that is not a precise identifier of the individual, but provides us with an overview of the customer, such as the specifications of the communication device and cookies.

Customer Analysis آنالیز مشتری
Information Form (I.F)
2. Interactive Data

This type of data includes items that refer to how the customer interacts with our brand. In order to obtain interactive data, we must act by checking customer behavior in social networks, website, number of clicks, etc.

3. Behavioral Data

As a result of obtaining this type of data, we obtain behavioral patterns that customers show during the purchase process. Items such as purchase details, previous purchases, value of purchased goods, etc. will be obtained through the review of such data.

4. Attitudinal Data

Customer’s point of view, opinion, emotions and feelings are obtained by examining attitudinal data. When collecting information about customers, we must also be aware of their thinking and feelings towards our brand. To achieve these things, we can act through interviews, reviews of feedback and complaints.

Importance of Customer Analysis

Analyzing customer behavior patterns allows businesses to better understand their shortcomings and weaknesses. At the same time, it provides new opportunities for business growth and development and improving the current position. Let’s look at the category of customer analysis from any angle, we see it as beneficial for businesses. Because it clarifies the way we achieve the set goals, gain profit and income, gain customer satisfaction and loyalty, attract potential customers, etc. Especially in the present time, customers are more aware of products and services than ever before and their decisions are based on thoughts completely based on reason and logic.

Customer Analysis آنالیز مشتری
Customer Analysis (C.A)

Up To Sum

Customer analysis is one of the actions that we must adhere to as a business manager and even a sales manager or marketing manager. In order to succeed in the field of business, sales and marketing, we must achieve a correct understanding of the actions and attitudes of our target customers. By analyzing the data obtained in different ways, we can design the best strategy and make the most reliable decisions in this direction.

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